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RGBW switch has stopped working completely with Homey v2.0. 3/4 of my lighting is not usable now.
The switch can be added bit then its status is in red. I have tried this several times. Any way to downgrade to stable v 1.5. V2.0.1 is defo unstable. Constant issues with no fix.


@rafi what do you mean with no fix :wink:


not as smooth in my experience with homey


Thanks, all right bummer, I guess I’ll wait a while and see if Athom get it stable in the near future. Thanks


Guys, did you notice problem in updating the state of double and single switch 2? If I turn of double switch 2 over wired switch (more often S2), homey sometimes does not update the state of the switch (reporting on while its off).

Anybody with similar experience?



has anyone managed to get the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor to work with v2? When I add it it ends up as a basic z-wave device and I can’t get the Input 1 or Input 2 to change state in Homey.


Yes, works fine here with Homey 2.0.1 and Fibaro app 2.1.19

Sorry for this question, did you install the Fibaro app? And if yes, which version are you running? Maybe tell us the Product Id.


All of my double switchs 2 installed 9 months ago correctly update the device status when manually changed at the wall.

The one switch I repaired on 2.0.1 (and is added as insecure) does not update its state correctly. When where your switches installed @David_K ?


Yes, maybe it’s actually just like you said. I’ve noticed once or twice out of sync state on single switch. Then I’ve installed fibaro app update 2.1.19 and after that I can reproduce the error only on double switch 2 on S2 on device that was repaired after v2 like you said.

Ok, as long I’m not the only one. I’ve sent issue report to athom. Thnx for confirmation @Jamie


I have Homey 2.0.0 and the Fibaro app 2.1.19. Product ID:


It looks like the Product Id (258) of your unit is not included.


Since this app was written by Athom, I would report this issue here: https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new
They pretty good in adding a new product Id.
May I ask you in which country you are using your Homey? Different regions have different z-wave frequencies hence, different product IDs for the same type of product.


Thank you! I will report this to Athom. I am usine my Homey in Sweden.


Interesting! Sweden has the same z-wave frequency as the whole Europe so your Universal Binary Sensor should have the Id already included… unless Fibaro has given it a new Id.


@Jamie Initially when FGS-223 issues surfaced fibaro app was updated to 2.1.17. We were then able to re-paird it again in homey. Before it was reporting error during device pairing. A day after Athom released 2.1.18. I don know what was different but I already had it paired and didn’t try to re-pair again on 2.1.18. Yesterday I tried just that. It’s again included in z-wave as insecure but after the routes settled (I left it for 15-20 minutes) it looks to me like states are updating now. I will test today a bit more.

EDIT: It really does seems to be updating correctly after re-pairing it on 2.1.18.


@David_K - yeah looks like re-paring it has fixed that issue for me too.

– Thanks


About two months ago I did mention and did make an issue to Athom about the RGBW switch not functioning perfectly.
If the swicht is set to a RGBW LED the general dimming is not including the White channel. (It even switching it off)
For that I did make a work around dimming the white channel separately.
But because the general dimming is first switching off the white channel, everytime I dim general, the white channel is going off for a moment and then controlled again by the separate white dim command.

Is somebody knowing this issue is still in progress?


The fixes are currently in the alpha channel, not sure when it is being pushed to beta/stable, @MatthewWaanders knows more.




Does anyone know what the status is with fixing the tamper alarms ?


How about the implementation of the new Fibaro Smart Implant?

Is the Universal Binary Sensor successor already supported by the Fibaro App??

If not, is there any plan to support the new Sensor?