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Fibaro dimmer 2 and ikea Nymane


Just bought a ikea Nymane ceiling lamp with integrated led. https://m2.ikea.com/nl/nl/p/nymane-led-plafondlamp-wit-60336274/

It says it should be dimable with most dimmers. But when I connect it and let the dimmer2 auto calibrate, I see it turn on, dim, etc. but when finished I can’t dim.

The dim slider is there, but when I put it at 50% it just jumps back to 100%.

I changed the lamp for a standard dimable led light, let the dimmer 2 calibrate again, then changed the lamps without recalibration. Now the ikea lamp is sort able to dim. Not perfect but it kinda works.

The led ring is max 28W. So I guess I don’t need a bypass, right?

Does anybody know how to correctly calibrate / configure the dimmer2?