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Fibaro Dimmer 2 installation

Hi All,

I am instelling Fibaro Dimmer 2 on Busch jaeger Dimmer. I have dimmable leds.

I use scheme for 2 wires.

The fibaro works. But the BJ dimmer is not working at all when fibaro Dimmer 2 is installed. Would be nice if I can use both the manual as automatical option to dim the leds.

What did I do wrong?


The Fibaro dimmer doesn’t work with external dimmers, only with regular or momentary switches.

Hi, Don’t use the BJ Dimmer, thats not how it works.

Use Momentary switch (pulsdrukker)
e.g. : https://busch-jaeger.schakelmateriaal.nl/drukcontact-maakcontact-1-polig-2020-us-500.html


when you push short on the pulseswitch lamp will be on or off,
when you hold it down it will dim up or down.

Also if you want to build in the dibaro dimmer the BJ dimmer does’n’t fit in the same box.

see also the manual from fibaro.

Good Luck


Thank you!