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Fibaro Motion sensor Homekit

Hi :slight_smile:

I have a fibaro motion sensor homekit that I bought when I had my HC2, I have tried and connected it to my homey but it wouldnt work…Is there no support for the homekit version?
Will there be any support for it?I would really like to be able to talk to the system…

Look at https://apps.athom.com/ and search for what you want.

@JPe4619 not sure what you mean?
I already have the fibaro app downloaded, but it only supports z- and z+ motion sensor as far as I can see?

But the homey is supposed to have Bluetooth support isnt it?

Basically Homey contains Bluetooth, but as for all devices, you need a specific App for the devices you want to control. The Fibaro App is for Z-Wave devices as far as I know. If your device is not in the list “supported devices”, then it is not supported. You can make a request to Athom to make an App for you.

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