Fibaro Motion Sensor not being recognized


I’ve got only zwave plus sensors


I’ve got the same problem/issues with Z-wave plus motions sensors from Fibaro. It is really sad because I can’t use them for what I want and I’ve just bought them :frowning:

I hope there will be an update asap.


I am changing my 433 Mhz sensors to Fibaro Z-wave sensors as they should be more reliable. However, I experience also a lot of problems with these Fibaro sensors:

My Fibaro Motion Sensor is stuck in Tamper Alarm:

  • Fibaro Motion Sensor FGMS-001 (Product ID 4097)

Two Fibaro sensors I recently bought are not recognized by Homey and the following message appears (in dutch):
‘Er is geen geschikte Homey app gevonden voor dit apparaat’.

  • Fibaro Flood sensor FGFS-101 (Product ID 4099)
  • Fibaro Smoke detector FGSD-002 (Product ID 4099)

I can’t update the Fibaro app to the beta version as the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor is not supported in version 2.1.x and I need the binary sensor to control my alarm system. And the instructions provided by Paul89 and Julien_Moors are too complicated for me (sorry).

So I do hope that Homey will launch a stable Fibaro app update soon which will solve these issues. When can we expect this stable version to be released?