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Fibaro Radiator Thermostat FGT-001 with external sensor - bluetooth connection

I have some Fibaro Radiator Thermostats (FGT-001) with external sensors ( FGBRS-001).
Do any of you know if it’s possible to somewhere detect if the current temp. is comming from the Head itself or from the external sensor.
In other words, can I see if the external sensor is connected or not?
I’m on a Homey Pro.


  • Kurt

Not really. Well, what I did the first time is put the sensor outside, and voila, it went really cold :wink:

Thanx for reply.
Yes, I did the same thing, except I took the sensor in my fist.
Anyhow it would be nice to have some indicating “lights”, to see that info remotely.
Have you had any problems or issues with the FGT-001?