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Fibaro RGBW as 4 white lights

Hi all,

I’m new to Homey, I’m migrate from eedomus+.

In my current installation I use a Fibaro RGBW for lighting 3 white LED zones :

  • Red : living room ceilling
  • Green : Projection screen spots
  • Blue : Entry White LED strip
  • white : unused

When addind this module to Homey, it’s added as a RGBW command only, don’t found how to generate 4 modules instead.
Is it possible ?

I have found on the forum how to set the brightness of a specific color via a “Then” option, but there is some limitations for me :

  • impossible to put differents lights in differents zones
  • impossible to know which light is on / off

Thanks a lot

Create 3 virtual Dimmer Devices. And create 3 flows.

If dimm level changes (VD) then set the dimm level e.g. red output = dim level VD.

Thank you Osorkon !
It works for putting a command on the right zone, but not for display the state and request on it. Great start but not fully usable.

I have tried to make a flow with each color state but there is only “voltage” and not dim level

If you use a virtual Dimmer, you can control the light and also display the current status.
For sure, if you control the light in an another way this doesn’t work.