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Fibaro Shutter 3 not supported yet?

Did you test the inclusion of the RS3 as generic Z-Wave device in Homey?

Managed to include it as a basic z wave device. Had to put honey directly next to wall switch to complete the data exchange successfully. These are the values I found.
The basic power button does nothing. Guess I would have to mess around with the Fibaro app myself like proposed above. Not sure if I should try

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Hey Henk! Could you fwd my values?

The fibaro roller shutter 3 (FGR-223) is now supported in the beta (channel) appstore


Still I can’t use the physical wall switch again. Going to insure now. Guess it‘s not correct

Thx Caseda! Didn’t know

It works!!! Thanks guys! It’s just the wall switch that doesn’t work. Look at the three wire involved but I can’t see what could be done wrong here

Thanks, I will!

Update : I did sent your screenshot :blush:

Nice, my sunscreen fully opens or fully closes and nothing in between. I’ve done the calibration but no difference

I also have troubles with version 3 of this Fibaro Shutter. When the roller has been stopped on purpose somewhere halfway, the next ‘move’ will be in the opposite direction of what has been ‘ordered’.

I’m currently considering Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 with Homey… Can someone confirm please rotation is possible or not, eventually any other switch like FGR-223 which would support rotation?

So I contacted Homey support, they confirmed tilting is not supported yet, I was asked to submit feature request. I was wondering, are they just “winning” some time or really nobody submit it before?

I think you don’t understand how many requests Athom gets, they get so many that they have to go with: the more a feature/device is requested, the faster it gets implemented.

They are only a small company so they need to make choices, and they base those choices on the amount of requests of a certain feature/device.

No I actually understand that very well, yet I don’t see anywhere here anyone stating a feature request has been submitted. So if anyone else would like to support, maybe it’s worth to submit and increase weight. … Unless someone from community will help :slight_smile:

I have two Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 units, and when I operate them manually via the buttons the status in Homey doesn’t always get updated. It seems the closed percentage and actual power usage isn’t always sent back properly it seems. Is this normal? Sending commands always works fine…

I wanted to use flows to detect a manual override of the automation I made, but without proper status messages this will be difficult.

I also experience problems with Fibaro Roller Shutter 3. Manual control through Homey is fine, but movement triggered with flows seems to be difficult.