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Fibaro Shutter 3 not supported yet?


Did you test the inclusion of the RS3 as generic Z-Wave device in Homey?


Managed to include it as a basic z wave device. Had to put honey directly next to wall switch to complete the data exchange successfully. These are the values I found.
The basic power button does nothing. Guess I would have to mess around with the Fibaro app myself like proposed above. Not sure if I should try


Hey Henk! Could you fwd my values?


The fibaro roller shutter 3 (FGR-223) is now supported in the beta (channel) appstore


Still I can’t use the physical wall switch again. Going to insure now. Guess it‘s not correct

Thx Caseda! Didn’t know


It works!!! Thanks guys! It’s just the wall switch that doesn’t work. Look at the three wire involved but I can’t see what could be done wrong here


Thanks, I will!

Update : I did sent your screenshot :blush: