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Fibaro Single/double switch 2


Guys, the question is still there:)
Is it possible to bridge Homey to any z-wave controller using TCP/IP? (Like Vera does).
Or maybe there is another workaround to get devices from another controller? Like connecting homey to raspberry running z-way and homebridge…



With http-requests over tcp/ip you can do a lot… but it will cost you a lot of work…



As this was the question from the TS this conversation is going off-topic a long way. Plz keep it on-topic.
Posts not about connecting the Fibaro switches to Homey under my post will be deleted without further notice.



Just be aware before you spend to much time on this issue.

The Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS-223), won’t actually work correctly with Homey.

Currently they are not pairing in secure mode.
The S2 will not be updated with in Homey when it is toggled on/off

Also :

The S2 will not display its total power
The S2 will not display the current power.

I’ve been told by Athom that :

I can’t guarantee this will ever become the standard fix for this device