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Fibaro Smart Implant (FGBS-222), Push/Momentary Button and Scene Activation are not supported?

Hello all,

I have tried to use a momentary button with the Smart Implant.
I wanted to see if I could start a flow when I press the button. I also wanted to try Scene Activation, which is 1x, 2x, 3x press or press, hold and release. Both are possible according to the manual.

If I change the parameter 20 or 21 to “Push button / momentary button” (according to the manual “Monostable button (Central Scene)”, value 2), which would be the correct selection for momentary buttons and I select “Input 1/2 opened”, “Input 1/2 closed” or “Input 1/2 switched” as action card, then the flow is not triggered.
The flow is also not triggered if I change the parameter 40 or 41 “Input 1/2 scenes” to e.g. “Key pressed 1 time”.
If I change parameter 20 or 21 to “Normally closed/open contact”, which is normally used for reed contacts e.g., then the flow is triggered, no matter how parameter 40/41 is set.

I come to the conclusion that neither the device setting “Push button / momentary button” nor the option “Scene Activation” works.
Does anyone made the same experiences?
Or did I made any mistakes?
Or did I forgot to change any settings?

In the text written above, I have always mentioned the options for input 1 and 2. In my tests, of course, I made sure that the input matches the parameters and the action cards.
Fibaro App v3.0.4