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Fibaro Smart Implant

Can anyone advise me how to set up the parameters on Homey for a fibaro smart implant as per section 4.9 of the fibre instal manual.

In the “Advanced settings” of the Smart Implant -> Raw configuration parameters:
Parameter ID,Size,Value (without spaces!)
Parameter ID: 20
Size: 1
value: 2

This means:



Thanks very much @antross that worked well. So now I have the question of how to activate output 1 and output 2. Is the only way to press the icon, select output 1 or output 2 and then press the switch? Would the only other way be to have a physical button with two switches? But I really just want to use my phone so was hoping I could just go into the Homey App and press the icon.

Just create 2 virtual devices, name them as you like, and two flows for each of the outputs.

For everyone who is interested in how you can separate the Inputs from Outputs.:grinning: