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Fibaro Smoke Sensor, won´t remove Smoke alarm trigger


I bought a Fibaro Smoke Sensor. I have installed it to Homey and it triggerd the first alarm that we tested with “smoke sprey” but now i can´t turn of the smoke alarm trigger. it says “Smoke Alarm Yes” all the time.

I want it to remove the alarm after time or when the smoke has been gone fore a while.

Anyone have a clue if this should work or if there is a problem with this device?

Best Regards Jonas

Is the smoke sensor well integrated in the mesh? Maybe there is a communication problem.
Maybe it helps to bring the smoke sensor near to Homey and then try to deactivate the alarm again.

I have the same problem, can not get rid of the “Smoke Alarm Yes”.

The sensor is 2m away from Homey with eye sight.

Im having the same problem, but with a Heimann z-wave smoke detector. I have three of these devices, and one doesn’t remove the warming, whereas the others do.