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Fibaro wall plug HomeKit edition


I have bought a Fibaro wall plug “Homekit edition” (type FGBWHWPF-102 V4.3.20). Instead of Z-wave, it uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to make connection. Since almost all Fibaro units use Z-wave, I can imagine that the app is not fitted for this type of connection.

Is there a possibility to connect the Fibaro wall plug HomeKit edition to Homey?


The connection to HomeKit is (currently) one way Apple -> Homey. So to answer your question, it cant communicate in that direction at the moment.

Though I did see an interesting message by @robertklep on slack about bidirectional communication.


I’m working on a HomeKit client for Homey, which (if I ever finish it) can be used to control HomeKit-enabled devices through Homey.