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Fibaro Walli, do they work with Homey?

Version 3.1.1 does not solve the issue.
I cannot add the two Fibaro Walli dimmers to the Z-wave network.

You mean “does not” ?

I just tried but I cannot connect them with 3.1.1 :frowning:

How did you make 5o have walli switch there. I have latest alfa installed v2.2.8 and switch is not there :frowning:
Only walli dimmer

App is currently broken for walli: Unable to add Fibaro Walli Dimmer

I guess they also removed other things on the latest version

walli switch has never been fully supported. they have probably remove it completely from the list then.
However Walli dimmer is supported but obviously it doesnt work anymore either.

I’m also waiting for the switch to be added. I’ve filled in a product request some time ago, but unfortunately no change/reaction yet.

With Homey Firmware: 3.2.1-rc.2 it is possible (again) to add the Fibaro Walli Dimmer.
I have added 2 Walli dimmers.

Hi there

I spent lot of time reading this topic and some other, I got 2 Walli Roller Shutter ans something isn’t clear for me. Got plenty of questions

Got Fibaro App V2.2.8 (seen under app details)
I can’t see Walli Roller Shutter into when I try to add from my IPhone Homey App, but from my MAC and Web app looks like I can add them but it"s indicated deprecated and in grey.

So my question, is wha’t the “official” way to add them ? Adding as “roller shutter” for me this option if for old roller shutter (V1.6) FGR221 (and I have some in my home)

When talking about fibaro app github we agree we’re talking about this version

As I played with alpha branch I’m in doubt of what’s this latest official
I installed the branch alpha and says version 2.2.8

git clone -b alpha https://github.com/athombv/com.fibaro/
cd com.fibaro/
homey app install

Then I switched back to the branch master and says version 2.2.8 also, so I’m totally lost and looks like on github version master says 'in file app.json version 2.1.31

cd ..
rm -rf com.fibaro/
git clone https://github.com/athombv/com.fibaro/
homey app install

And also master branch latest release says 2.1.28, so how it’s possible CLI install master branch and homey says fibaro version is 2.2.8? I also removed the fibaro app from my smartphone, and installed back, always says 2.2.8.

thanks for any idea of what’s going on

Actually it doesnt matter which device you install it with, as long as it’s from same app, this case fibaro. It will automaticly install correct driver whereas it looks for productid . Walli rollershutter just installs as rollershutter.


Current Branche Alpha is 2.2.8. This one seems to be in the AppStore.

Current branche Master Is 2.1.31

Makes sense, In fact it recognize device with it’s “product ID”, that’s good to know. thanks

vraagje, als je alleen de FIBARO WALLI DIMMER
FGWDEU-111 hebt en geen home center van Fibaro maar alleen de homey, kun je hem dan werkend krijgen ?

Have a look at the Fibaro App.

heb ik gedaan maar kom niet verder dan

en op de pc idem dito

Lijkt erop dat er geen Homey is gekoppeld aan het account waarmee je in de App Store kijkt.

Gaat prima met de Homey Fibaro app.

Jazeker! Ik heb ook alleen een Homey en heb de Walli’s gewoon toegevoegd. In de eerste versies van de app ging dat niet altijd goed maar sinds een maand of 5 gaat dat probleemloos.

Top, dan weet ik wat ik ga doen.

Mvg Mark van der Maazen.

Verzonden vanaf mijn smartphone.

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