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Fibaro Walli Switch doesn’t change state on app, when switching on/off manually


Finally, I was able to add it to my Homey Pro.

Seems to work normally when I turn on or off manually. But the Homey App doesn’t seem to recognize which state it is in.

When I try to turn it on or off from the app it seems to work.

Since I have my z-wave over mqtt, I also got it confirm. When I switch it on or off manually from the switch the state on “onoffoutput1 / offoutput2” doesn’t change state. Only when I try to change to on or off from the app or over mqtt it changes state.

I’m currently running Homey version 4.1.0 and Fibaro v 2.4.2.

Have tried to restart Homey Pro, and the Fibaro app.

Also noticed that the Power Meter for output doesn’t change stuck on the old value.

To be able to add the switch I need to have the Homey Pro 5cm away from the switch, so it’s a bit pain to add and remove multiple times.

Any good advice will be appreciated.

In the last update of the Fibaro app to version 2.4.2 the Walli Switch was added for the first time. It was not supported in the older Fibaro app versions.
I have the problem that the Walli Switch cannot be included in single mode. It is only recognized as a “Simple Z-Wave device”.

I suppose that the app is still buggy. Therefore please send the problems directly to Athom support.

Single mode wasn’t implemented yet, it is in the later update (v2.4.3), which is in the test part of the app

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Many thanks for the Information! :+1:t3:

Edit: Inclusion was successful!

Just a short update. Have sent mail to Homey Support. Problem is still still not solved. They need to do some more investigation. And will get back to me, when they got something new

Now that I could include the Walli Switch in single switch mode, I can reproduce the problem.
Thanks for your efforts!