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Fibaro windows sensor V2 unreliable


I have 4 of the window V2 sensors from Fibaro, but they are frustrating to work with (besides the tape that does not last and therefor set the tamper alert to on) but they are unreliable regarding the open/closed state, they usually work for a day or 2 and then all the sudden, they “decide” to not register open/closed state anymore (temperature is sent though).

Does anyone have an ide regarding this? I have 4 and 2 of them sit exactly like the manual says next to each other, the 2 other (being velux windows) sit on surfaces that are 90 deg. from each other (if that makes sense)

The Fibaro V1 I have are incredibly stable, no matter how they are installed, how low the battery is or anything else I do, so it is strange that the V2 is unreliable.

Yes, same problem. I have only one of them, thought.

I had to jam a piece of paper in between the lid and the tamper switch, with that I solved the tamper always on.
After a while it gets stuck into open. It is not Homey’s fault as if I move the magnet up and down few times it starts working again for few days.

All the v1’s I have work just fine.

Just replace them with Neo Coolcam door sensors like i did. Much cheaper, more reliable and even longer battery life.
Alas no tamper or temperature, but tamper is a burden to most and temperature drains battery.

Or replace by the Xiaomi sensors, much more cheaper (about €7,-- at Aliexpress) and very reliable

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Yes, the Xiaomi Aqara sensors work perfect for me. The Fibaro were there before Aqara, might as well had to give them a use.

Thank you for the answers.

I’ll have a look at both brands, and then give them a try, especially if I can get more reliability for a lower price.

Have the exactly same problem! Not satisfied with the Fibaro door/window sensor. Will go for recommendatioins on this topic!

I just ordered one of the xiaomi to test it