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Finally giving up

I’ve had Homey for 10 days, testing it extensively with about 10 Aqara(3 repeater spread out) and 13 Fibaro(6 repeater spread out) devices. The hub always has trouble communicating with either Zigbee or Zwave devices, sometimes delay, sometimes need to restart, and sometimes need to re-pair to get things going. I’ve never even had this many problem with HC2 in the past 3 years all up. It’s like Android vs Apple, one’s more flexible and gives you whatever you want at the cost of stability and the other although isn’t as feature rich, it just works.
I really wanted to love Homey, it ticks ALL the box for me compared to any other hub ON PAPER. I’ll be more than happy to pay even double the price if it just works. But as of now, I don’t see these problems being solved in short term after reading quite a few people with similar problem. Someone got replacement unit, still same problem.
I’m returning the hub, but I sincerely hope the dev can sort out all these bugs eventually.

Thank you for sharing. Goodbye and godspeed.


Sadly it didnt work for you as expected, i hope you wil find a controller that working almost perfectly for you.

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He and Homey are no longer homies…
And life goes on…
Thnx for sharing though, my life is improved knowing this.

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May i add… goodbye!

It’s like Android vs Apple, one’s more flexible and gives you whatever you want at the cost of stability and the other although isn’t as feature rich, it just works.

You really want to compare Homey with Android?!! No way, i don’t know “HC2” but Homey runs great over here. And although i’m an Android hater (and with that, probably an Apple fanboy)

My IphoneX has some bugs that come when i don’t reboot my phone for half a year.
My 2018 Macbook Pro will get the known keyboard issues.
My EarPods sound rubbish for the price.
My Apple Watch scratches easily.

And Homey’s Zigbee, zwave or whatever needs a re-write and (for some users) has a memory leak that gets resolved with a reboot…

boohoo, i’m so done with all those nagging topics…


I think the comparison with Apple vs Android somewhat makes sense. Z-wave (and especially with HC2 + Fibaro devices) is essentially a walled garden where everything is more tightly controlled. ZigBee seems more of a wild west. My experience with the Homey is that Z-wave works way better than ZigBee in terms of latency, reliability, etc. Also, I try not to mix too many brands in the same mesh (I started out with Fibaro and I just kept buying those).

Still, I am truly impressed with how far the community devs out there have been steadily improving support and reliability for various zigbee devices to the point that I would now say it is working very well for me (though I spent a fair number of hours getting there in the first place :slight_smile: ). Got Xiaomi sensors everywhere, with some IKEA and Hue on top of that. Latency is still not perfect, but at least it is reliable.

The man is right about the stability of Homey. Sometimes I curse that white ball too. Recently. And yes Zwave and Zigbee do not always work to he satisfied. But after 10 days giving it up is quick to give up. And yes, I have already searched for an alternative. They just aren’t there. Most bridges only support Zwave and / or Zigbee. you actually have to use various bridges to support all protocols, but then you still don’t have the functionality of Homey. Hubitat is the only one that gets a free turn, but is complicated for an average user to use. Works sooner or later. the system optimally and instead of throwing our annoyance here, we should better bombard Athom with our frustrations so that they can work faster to solve the known problems. That is my opinion, a fan of Homey, but not really a satisfied user. But persist.

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I don’t expect to find any better alternative in the next year or two. Hubs that support both ZigBee and Z-Wave like ST, Hubitat, Wink 2 all seems to have more flaw than merit compared to Homey.
For the time being, I’ll just use Aqara curtain and blinds and everything else Z-wave with HC2 until someone comes out with a better solution.

Good luck and thank you for sharing.

While I completely understand returning Homey with its trial period I can’t say I understand the use of ‘Finally’ in the topic title for a 10 day test, :stuck_out_tongue:


If a device starts giving me issues basically when I take it out of the box (I recently bought a refurbed iPhone 7 that did that), it’s going back. I’m not going to wait around for a Magic Firmware Update or “it will start working better after a few days” or “if you just restart the device every day it will work acceptably”.


Sure, that is logical. But did you elaborate that widely and dramatically on an/the Apple forum?

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No, because Apple didn’t sell me the device.


Ok. Just keep an eye on the forums then. Gonna close this topic because there is no added value at all. If you have more questions regarding Homey in the future, don’t hesitate to start a new topic for it. Not for telling us you’re leaving ofc, we already know that by now. If you have any problems with me closing this topic, please feel free to contact me or any other moderator via PM.

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