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Finding the URL that is casting to Chromecast


I use the Chromecast and Radio App to listen to the radio scheduled.

I have found most Radio Stations.

But some radio streams I want to use are not MP3, while chomecast does support it.
I can not get my Chromecast to accept that URL.

But if I visit the website of the radio station, and stream from there, I can cast to Chromecast without any issue. So Now I am wondering what the URL is that the Chromecast is using while casting from the website.
How to find that?
Or even better how to cast M3U streams to Chromecast from my Homey, as that would also solve my issue.

Unfortunately this is not possible with the Chromecast APIs that Google offers.

It is most likely casting the website url to chromecast and chromecast simply passes the audio playing on the page through. I tested that with an early version of my Plex to Chromecast app for Homey. So I used an webpage embedded player to play audio but I ditched that approach for various reasons.

So it is only possible to stream m3u through the Google Home App?

Maybe I am getting off topic, but as I have understood it is possible to stream m3u8 links to chromecast with Home assistant, see https://community.home-assistant.io/t/svt-play-and-chromecast/72713/2, without using any other apps. Obviously Emile has a bigger technical knowledge than me (the understatement of today, ha!) but it isn’t solvable in some way by defining that the m3u8 link actually contains a mp4 file, similar to the HA example?

I’m looking for a working stream URL of the Dutch Station; Accentfm if i sad cast a tunein station it doesn’t play


works on SonoS but not on Google Home Mini, WHY?
found on;

also not working to cast a URL (chromecast)

stream.accentfm.nl:8091/high also not working

Probably not available in MP3 form :disappointed:

Contact the radio station, hopefully they can give a sollution