Flic support in Homey?


I have been using Homey for a few weeks now, and I’m learning new stuff every day.
I also just found a Flic-button I had forgotten about (a Flic Light), which I would like to repurpose as a smart button to control some fun stuff (switch between inputs on my receiver, turn off some lights etc).

I don’t really now anything about programming (for Homey), so I don’t know what’s possible, but I guess it must be possible to “catch” the button and read its 3 options: click, double click and hold.

Of course I have tried to Google, and I have found out that Flic has actually released a Linux SDK (with a latest commit in May 2016, but check the edit), which might help someone on the way? There can also be found some Raspberry Pi solutions, which might help? I have no idea, haha :smiley:

Looking forward to your response(s)!

Edit: There’s actually a newer Linux SDK, which has been updated as late as 23 days ago!


I don’t know anything about the Flic button… but it seems that the Xiaomi Wireless switch button does the thing what you want, is way cheaper and is supported by Homey:


Of course that could be a solution, but since I have a Flic button (and a lot of people do since they are quite nice, but useless, because it needs to connect to your phone to work), I was wondering if some integration with Homey was possible.

Edit: And on top of that, the Xiaomi button is way bigger than the Flic! A Flic button is 27mm, the Xiaomi is 50mm.


I read about Bluetooth in this thread and came to think about this thread…

I have also looked at FLIC, but only for use with a mobile so far…
Single, dubble and longpress click could be used for many things.
But what I understand, many things could be solved in Flows…


I think I posted a similar question some days ago.

In the meantime I solved it by running the flic app on an iPad serving as control/reading panel for homey…
It works, but my setup is getting pretty complex., Houtje-touwtje for the Dutch…