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Flic support in Homey?

Someone tips on the flic buttons?

Hi Marcel,

I use Flic 1 and 2 buttons with the Flic2 hub. The Flic 2 buttons with Flic 2 hub have an excellent range. Max. distance I have is about 12 meters with concrete walls in between without any issues.
I used the Flic 1 hub before, but the range was significant less.

Communication between the Hub and Homey is quite easy by use of webhooks. I think someone here made a tutorial also.

Thx for your information. Just ordered 6 flics2. Luckely there was today a nice discount.

I have the Flic 1 hub and it seems fine … until an issue occurs in the hub causing it to loose connect and require a restart … At which point I notice that all my flic buttons go flat with in a day or two … im guessing they are trying to connect over and over or something?

Has anyone else noticed this issue on flic or flic 2?

I don’t have this issue with the Flic 2 hub. Had some issues with the Flic 1 hub, but I think those were related to the more limited range.

Just got the flic2 with hub. Added the app flic, but can’t trigger an action when I push the button. Is it only possible with http requests. How should i trigger a flow in Homey? Do i
Post a webrequest like i used to for Locative?

Just tried this but does not work, post and get request;

And a logic receiving webrequest with afzuigkap aan

First link should work with GET.

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Thx will try after diner👍

Great works, and really fast and easy. Thx Roco

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Flic2 Works great fast and looks awesome