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Flow folders not change/delete -able in 2.x


Quick question

I’m adding and changing some flows in the new 2.x iphone app.

I can save flows in folders i created before (1.x) but can’t delete / add/ change the flow folders.

Is it me? I can’t find any controls to change them.


try the cogwheel in the upper-right corner.


Can you also change the order there? (can’t figure that out :frowning: )


i can move a flow to an existing folder that way.
Still can’t find where i can rename/add/delete a folder.


where the arrow is :slight_smile:


No, unfortunately not yet (but if enough people report this, Athom will create that :smiley: )

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Your on android i think?
I don’t have any icon in the corner in that screen (iphoneX - see my screenshot in my previous post)). :disappointed_relieved:


Yeah found it!! I was doing it from within a flow. I have to go to the main flow menu. Thanks!!!

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Thanks for confirming :slight_smile: I was starting to doubt myself.


Please add features to add and remove flow folders. I’m sure we’re not the only ones missing this. I have plenty of flows and need to organise them properly.


Uh… if you read a few posts above yours you will see that it’s possible already…


Great! I found it. They hid that feature pretty well :slight_smile:

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