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Flow to set different light's brightness in different period of the day

Hello, I would like to set a flow to do this:
From 9pm to 7am when I switch on a light in the night part of the house (3 rooms, a bathroom and one anteroom) I would like to have a reduced brightness, while in the other part of the day I would like to set it on 100%.
My lights are the following: 2 strip leds with zigbee controller, 1 philips hue pendant and 4 philips spot gu10.
The 2 strip are always powered and I can switch off and on with a physical button or by homey app.
The 4 spots and the philips hue are behind a traditional switch, but I have linked them to homey through a shelly 2.5

At the moment I tried to write a simple flow with the settings I desire, but it only happens that sometimes at 7am or at 9 pm my strip led switch on. Where am I wrong?

How would you set this?

That really depends on the app. Athom has dicatated that light apps must turn on the lights if you dum up from 0% and turn off if you dim down to 0%.
However, the app might have also enabled that it is automatically turned on when a new dim value is set. Maybe it is easier to check on this if you share your flows?