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Flow to turn specific devices on


I am using a flow to turn specific devices on but I am having trouble when the device type is set to Other.

The flow works fine when using any device type than other. For example using the flow card to turn on all devices of type light in a certain zone works fine. But to turn on all devices of type other does not work.

I have tried both cases using the same device, just changing the type.

Any ideas why I am not able to use the flow card “turn specific devices on”, when device type is set to other?

The device i am trying to turn on is a lamp, but I want to separate different lamps in the same room, using device types.

This is normal behavior. The idea is to group devices of the same type, separated by rooms (standard provided) or subgroups (there is an app for that).
You wouldn’t want to accidentally switch on all devices marked as “other”… That could be any device or switch you didn’t give the correct device type. That would almost certainly have undesired effects…

Ok, thanks for the clarification. To solve my problem I set device type to “Fan” for those Lights that I wanted to control separately.

That is indeed one of the ways to do it without very much effort :ok_hand::facepunch: