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Flow with a working guarantee

These example flows are not for “free”. It will cost you three extra flows and a Logic number variable. The most expensive part; it will take about 15 minutes of your remaining life time.

These flows are not for those who want a lean and mean flow database. These flows are not mented for those who have a perfect Zwave or Zigbee mesh.

These flows are a example of how to make a simple “ON” flow with a extra test if the flow ran succesfully. If this isn’t the case, the flow will repeat itself untill the flow ran succesfully. For securety reasons i have maximized this repeating flow to 10 times. That way the flow can’t become a perpetual flow.

The first flow is the Trigger flow. This way you can make very easy different triggers without making everytime a complete and complex flow.

The second flow is the actual working flow. For this flow you have to make a logic number variable.

The third flow is the checking flow. If the flow succeeded is will reset the number variable and give a notification that the flow worked and how many attempts were needed.

The fourth flow is the Failure flow. When the flow despite this all didn’t run succesfully you get a notification.

“Trigger Flow”

“Working flow”

“Checking flow”

“Failure flow”