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Flow with OR limited number of cards?

I am a new Homey user and am trying to create a flow with multiple OR conditions in the “AND” section of the flow. I followed the instruction on the support site on how to create OR conditions in a flow, but noticed that I cannot add more than three OR cards (or rather sections with an OR line in between).

Am I missing something, or is this a limitation? Is there a work-around?


The AND Section allows only 3 or action.
However, a workaround is to invert the conditions instead.

so instead of or “someone is home” or “light is on” , you can do “not and” and reverse the action.
so that would be “someone is not home and light is off” and you put the desire action in the else slot.

maybe screenshot your flows here so we can better explain…
Here’s a solution from the old forum

You can use as many AND cards as you want… The OR has a limitation of 3

An option is to make one main flow with a trigger “this flow is starded” and make multiple flows that trigger the main flow…

Fantastic! Works like a charm. Thanks!