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Flows naming

I only started to use Homey few weeks ago and I only have few devices but I already am getting lost in my flows.
Could you please suggest some logical flows naming so it all makes sense and it is easy to use and navigate?
@Igy @fantross any suggestions? you helped with my first problems, maybe you can point me to right direction now as well?
Thank you

Best tip from me is to use folders. This will sort your flows according to what you name the folders you create. So you could create a folder for each room, device type or what ever you want.

In this case, it depends how you build your automation flows. Definitely folders in flows help to organize them, but also correct naming is a key. There is also app called FlowComment where you can put notes what does the flow should do.
In my case, I use folders according to automation topics. E.g. Blinds control, Lights logic, Security, Heating, Watering, etc but I do have also folder for Variables update or folder named Tablet, to control virtual buttons status for Homey dash. You can make also subfolders to get better sorting of many flows.
For naming of flows, it should be clear to you what does the flow do when you read the name, even after a year when you dont look into your Homey.
E.g. “Blinds sunset close”, “Temeperature freezer notify”, “Day temperature weekdays set”…
But this is kind of individual preference.

Flow name should indeed indicate what it more or less does.
On top of that I start every flow with a code that categorizes on what triggers the flow:

  • TYD: triggered on time

  • VAR: triggered by change of a variable

  • APP: triggered by a device

  • FLW: triggered by ‘starting a flow’


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When you have a collection of Flows, and you reach that point very quickly just go through them. What Flows do you have?

I organised them first by place (folder called: Home) or settings (folder called Homey). The Homey folder contains all Flows that set variables, alter the LED ring or give me information not tied to a specific room in the house.
The Home folder has a folder of every room. And if a device or item has more than 2 Flows I add an other subfolder. So: Living Room/Plex or Toilet/Motion.

I name Flows somewhat like if, and, then. Motion, daytime, lights on. Sometimes Flownames get really long. I really like @Frank_van_de_Schuur nks idea.
Whichever way you look at it, Flows are great but leave a mess. For simple things you need multiple Flows. That doesn’t help with structuring it all.
It would be great to have a description field below the title to add notes for that Flow for instance.

As you can see the naming and structuring of flows is handled more or less differently by each one.
I have created folders for house levels, rooms and more or less devices (e.g. light, heating, blinds). In addition I created a folder (control center) with subfolders, in which Flows are stored, which cannot be clearly assigned to a room or individual devices, e.g. Flows for Heimdall.
Currently I have created my flows according to the following scheme:
Numerical listing / house level and room / device and action

FF = First Floor
BR = Bedroom

If I have a large number of dependent flows, the structure may look like this:

Sometimes I add emojis to the name to make it easier to find them, e.g. a light bulb :bulb:.
Sometimes I add emojis that represent the trigger:
:alarm_clock: = Time
:stopwatch: = Timer (Chronograph app)
:signal_strength: = Sensor
:hash: = Numeric variable
:arrow_heading_down: = This flow was started

But I’m not 100% satisfied with my structure and it is possible that I will change the structure again.

@FKey has posted a tutorial how he structures his flows.

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Thank you very much everyone for very useful sugestions! :+1:

I support this suggestion too!