Flows that work and ideas


Inspired by user brinkie on the old forum I’d like to start a topic on flows that work and flow ideas to automate the home. I am a new (2nd day) Homey user so bear with me and my flows, I will add my flows as soon as I’m on my computer, in the mean time maybe someone else would like to start?

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With the upcoming update the flows is gonna be different so i would not put much effort in this.


@Rocodamelshe can you clarify that a bit?
I hope I do not need to rebuild my flows impn a next version.
Took a lot of time to build them dont want to redo that…


Jeezz … really?..
Hoping like Fkey some clarifications on that, why should we need to rebuild flows in new update. Do you have a link to maybe a changelog for the update ?.. Figuring a major update then …


Was more like the change from desktop to mobile flows. No need to rebuild all ur flows me guess. But when desktop screenies are posted and we go all mobile the desktop screenies are useless aye?


To make my flows more flexible I did the following:
There are several times at the day that I want to start a flow. Example: wake up, breakfast time, going to bed etc.

At these moments several flows will be started. Example: at wake up. Several flows start to put lights on in kitchen living hallway etc (seperate flows because they all check a seperate lux sensors on if it is dark)

So what what if I change my pattern of waking up?
Then I need to change the timer on all these flows.

Thats why I creates a virtual device (button not switch!) for every moment.
I use that device to trigger all the flows
And I use one “time-triggered” flow that presses the button of the virtual device.

Now if my pattern changed I only need to change the time in the flow that triggers the virtual device.

PS: do not create a virtual device switch! If you switch on a switch that already has the status “on” homey does not trigger the flow. So your flow will only work once (unless you add a switch off every time, but that is useless). A virtual button works every time


This is a different story for everyone. Don’t get me wrong, am not being negative. Just a reply on ur post. In my kitchen there is only light when there is motion. Awake or at sleep, when ur sleep-walking into the kitchen there will be light. Same goes for the hallway.

I must say i have as much info on that as u do. Am just a vollunteer doin the moderator job and am in no other way connected to Athom. Some peeps think that the moderators have more inside info but that’s not true.


We are also planning a seperate flow category on the forum when the 2.0 update is live. This topic will be closed when that happens.


I agree, my goal is to make my house look “occupied” even when nobody is at home. So my flows are the same every day. (With additional motion sensor triggers)


I like the idea here homey ask at sunset if i want to have the lights on. only if i am at home and the lights are not on.