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Forcing Homekit to show different icons

I’d like to install a garage opener by Shelly. I use Homekit to control my Homey. Is it possible to force homekit to see this shelly as gate opener and assign a proper, nice, icon instead of normal switch?

Yes, if the device itself doesn’t allow you to do it directly you can create a virtual device that you present to HomeKit;

Sure but how will I see it in Homekit? as a switch or garage door?

That’s up to you… you can make a virtual device and present it as whatever you prefer

can you help me create this as a virtual device? I see only “light fan or switch” in Homekit app

If you use the Homeykit app, you’re out of luck: it doesn’t support garage door opener devices.

I use Expermient Homey. It works well, but I want to be able to choose something more for Virtual Device than switch light fan.

@Hannes85 i’ve tried also with Virtual Device experiment, still only 3 opitons.

You need the virtual device app, not the experiment.

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the possibility to assign a custom icon should be a native feature in homey, mabe @robertklep in the future will continue tondevelop homeykit?

severall time i wrote to the homey support, nothing, meanwile apple has a lot of new categories of devices. with the experimental honekit interface my fibaro rollershuter in homekit are shown as 2 switches!!! reported to homey a half year ago…

a homebridge homey app would be the best solutions.

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can you elaborate on homebridge home? will it fix my problem?

He won’t.

Also, you can’t assign any icons in Homekit, but I think what you mean is the ability to control which type of Homekit device a Homey device will be exposed as. That will be quite difficult, because Homekit has a rigid set of device types that have a rigid set of capabilities. So you couldn’t assign a device type “garage door opener” to a Homey device if that device doesn’t have the required capabilities needed for that device type.

OH, that’s a bummer… So I am forced to have switches for gates and so on.

Which virtual device did you use to support the Garage door opener? I could not find any within the virtual app.


I have to do one step back and echo @robertklep;

It depends on the actionable items that you present to HomeKit. HomeKit then decides what it can be used for. The screenshots from my earlier posts are contact sensors which simply show a on/off (non-actionable). HomeKit translates this to doors/windows and their accompanying icons.

If you present a item that allows you to slide up and down to open or close, it presents it as window coverings/ sunshades. A simple on/off button itself will only have the 3 capabilities that were discussed before by the topic owner.

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