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Friends of Hue devices

Hi Guys,

Just bought two friends of hue (Niko) lightswitches. Work easy and great with the hue bridge, but surprised I cannot add them in any way to Homey. Do I need to wait for a HUE app update or even a separate Niko app?

Expected due to the seamless HUE integration this should work fine. Any alternative way of getting these to work?


My understanding is that ‘friends of hue’ devices will not be added to the official/bridge version of the app.

(We) don’t want to support Friends of Hue products in the Philips Hue app. There are simply too many and they all have their own quirks, so it’s too much effort to maintain.
– Emile

So you would have to wait for a separate Niko app, or a Friends of Hue app.