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Fritzbox Bridge (v0.5.1) beta


worked on support for Fritzbox DECT devices for Homey and would like to share it.

sensor support is based on function so only special device functions needs to be added.
for this purposes the current alpha version logs a device list. please share this list here help improve functionality and stability.

if anyone have request or idea related to this please let me know :slight_smile:


Fritzbox Bridge

Use your fritzbox as bridge and get access to all device sensors.

Each sensor can be addressed individually and is synchronized via a single central query.

Homey app

Used icons from: Freepik

flow card/tags

  • most sensor properties have auto trigger/action cards

supported devices:

  • CometDECT, Fritz!DECT 300/301
  • Fritz!DECT 200/210, FRITZ!Powerline 546E
  • HANFUN Alarm
  • FRITZ!Box

supported sensors & values

list of supported devices & sensors

backward compatibility ( >= 0.5.0 )

all devices that were paired before update will not be affected by device changes.
only new paired devices will use the newest device version ( system limitation *sry )

tested device/sensor list:

  • CometDECT
    • measurements have a delay ( max. 15min )
    • sending commands can take up to 15min to take effect
    • temperature sensor has higher resolution internal

Device TODO’s

  • rewrite login process (fritzAPI)
  • redesign config page (materialzecss)
  • implement repeater driver
  • add thermostat holidayactive + summeractive + nextchange
  • add trigger when connecting/disconnecting wlan devices



  • add ‘current’ capability for energymeter


  • optimize update process
  • optimize device/driver structure
  • implemented backward-compatibility system
  • ready for beta


  • switch logging lib
  • add options ( allow to pair disconnected devices, log level )
  • add plug driver ( energymeter + switch )


  • add fritzbox driver
  • add status polling ( for fritzbox driver )
  • extend property filtering ( reduce memory usage by device )
  • fix energymeter units


  • fix polling block after failing
  • add username option to fritzbox login


  • added Simple-LOG support
  • tiny changes for store release


  • fix polling settings


  • first (basic) Version
  • basic driver: thermostat, switch, energymeter, temperature sensor, alarm sensor

Github link
App Store link

PS: if you would like to try or test the app pm me your mail and i will add you to alpha participants


I dont have actually Fritz devices but have Fritz itself. wlan-guest-config set/get really sounds interesting. :+1::+1::+1:


Sounds good. I have a power plug I want to use it with :slight_smile:


Very nice! :+1:

I have 4 Fritz!DECT 300 in the drawer. After moving from homee to homey they have become unemployed.
Wanted to sell this product.
But now I will probably wait until the app is published.


that would be a shame :wink:

the project is still in alpha state so if you would like to test or try pls pm me your mail ( and i will add you to alpha participants )


v0.3.0 added the fritzbox status information’s - currently only version and update availability.
but there are a lot of information that could be displayed and many possibilities for trigger/conditions/actions.
i’m going to add more status information’s if they needed by you so we don’t have to show a lot of unused informations

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Great job @puschie !

Thanks for the great app!
Now I do not have to sell the dect Plugs!! :grin:


i am very pleased to inform you that the app has now reached beta status and is now available via app store :slight_smile:


@puschie i’ve created a pull request at github, there where a few typos in your app.json, did you allready saw it?
Will test the app out as soon as i have time. Thanks for the work!


Yes, thanks :slight_smile: is merged
currently I’m not sure when next update is done - hope to find some time on weekend


No big issue. only would like to give you the feedback.


I have a Fritzbox router. Do you think it is possible to use your app for presence detection by wifi connected phones to the LAN? I know the Ubiquity app has that function. Would be really cool :slight_smile:


we can do simple available/unavailable detection
-> the question is how to assign wlan devices to users


You can do the assignment in the flow.
If fritz device xyz is home set user xcv home.


shortened the readme

next update 0.6 will come by the end of next week. ( login fix, wlan device trigger )


I created a own login for the app, but i always get a “invalid login” notification.
No special characters etc. and YES the password is written correctly :wink:

Any ideas?

Thanks to @Osorkon: “http://” in front, solve this problem :slight_smile:

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