Garage Door Remote (433,92MHz, Rolling Code)


Hi I am trying to add my garage door opening system to the Homey.
I have tried copying the remote via the homey 15cm keep pressing remote fob 15 times but this did not work.
It is an Avanti system which are really popular in the UK and europe.

Has anybody had any success doing this ? If so how did you add it ?




It is an Avanti unit made by JD UK Ltd


Is there an app for it ?? ???
If not it will not work, as an app needs to be made :wink:
you can request a app here : Homey Community App Requests


You could try using the KlikAanKlikUit app and try to add it as a remote (try all of them).
I use different brand remotes and KAKU like plugs with the KAKU app.
Also my doorbell is a different brand but works as a KAKU.


If it is only a rolling code device the trying any other app in the store will not be possible, it will need its own app that has some clever stuff behind it to keep track of the rolling code (rolling code = the code for open/close changes every time for safety reasons).
There are some devices you can disable the rolling code, but if you want that as it will not be safe anymore (easy to record by thiefs) is the second question you will need to ask yourself.


Thanks I will try KAKU and let you know.


I use a sonoff SV flashed to tasmota to open doorgates (using the switch inputs of the motor board)