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Gardena App for Homey with official integration: "Rate limited" issue

No, not at the moment. You can use more Flows e.g. in a line:

First Flow starts watering with default 10 minutes and starts after 9 minutes a second Flow with the default value of 10 minutes > so you have 19 minutes watering.

Or using a Flow with Loop with Variables as Counter and Values from an other Device like an Rain-Sensor.

Found it, thx! At least this can be a work around for now…

Work-arounds are highly appreciated on this website. It’s the footnote of Homey indeed. :relieved::person_in_lotus_position:t2:‍♂

Gardena not working after last firmware updste

Update to Version? Running 2.0.2 > No Error at this(!) moment.


But again, Gardena firmware

Hello guys I want to buy some smart mower and I find this topic. Is Gardena works fine? It’s worth it? If yes…will it works with Gardena Sileno City 250 Smart or it must be just Sileno Life series? Thanks!

As long it is compatible with the smart gateway from Gardena it will work. So you need to buy the gateway. Every device which is compatible withe the gateway will work with Homey. So both mowers will be compatible.

Same here, a restart of Homey helps to get Gardena to connect again. Else tap on each device and authorize again.

Make a Ticket at Athom. This „Feature“ comes up from Time to Time. Restarting Gardena-App during the night is not fine but ist also helps.