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Gardena App for Homey with official integration: "Rate limited" issue

No, not at the moment. You can use more Flows e.g. in a line:

First Flow starts watering with default 10 minutes and starts after 9 minutes a second Flow with the default value of 10 minutes > so you have 19 minutes watering.

Or using a Flow with Loop with Variables as Counter and Values from an other Device like an Rain-Sensor.

Found it, thx! At least this can be a work around for now…

Work-arounds are highly appreciated on this website. It’s the footnote of Homey indeed. :relieved::person_in_lotus_position:t2:‍♂

Gardena not working after last firmware updste

Update to Version? Running 2.0.2 > No Error at this(!) moment.


But again, Gardena firmware