Generic IO


I would like to add a generic IO module, could be based on a Raspberry Pi Zero, communicating over wifi.
Such that I can build both triggers for Homey, and outputs in the Pi GPIO’s.
One way could be to emulate a generic IO, like ADAM, although no app for ADAM exists in the Homey store.
Any suggestions on how to implement such a device.


A pretty easy implementation could leverage the HTTP request flow cards app, where the RPi would request URL’s on Homey running that app to trigger flows, and Homey would request URL’s on the RPi to perform the I/O.

Another solution would be to use MQTT. You can run an MQTT broker on Homey, as well as a client that can be used to send/receive messages.

Something more elaborate would be to use MySensors, but I’m not sure if that has a simple-enough client implementation to run on RPi (using the RPi as a controller is supported, but in your case, the RPi should also act as the sensor node). It can also use MQTT, and there is a MySensors app for Homey.


Great reply, thanks
I’ll look into it.