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Getting flow to trigger through Sun Events


I’m getting started with Homey and love the stability I find so far, compared to other systems I’ve tried in the past. Snappy, easy to configure.

What I haven’t been able to get working though, is a flow that is executed between certain times. I installed Sun Events and gave it a go. With this flow, it doesn’t switch on at all:

If I leave out the Sun Events card the dimmer works, if I add just one time fire “after x-moment” it also works, just not if I try to set an “between this and that moment” card…

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong here?

Sorry I don’t speak that language, so I dont know exactly what your’e trying to do. However have you tried to use the built in Homey date/time sunrise/sunset cards?

@Jamie :

I’ll translate:

The motion sensor is triggered

The time is between early evening, golden hour 0
End of the morgen, golden hour 0

(Well I guess you understand what this says) :wink:

I think I know what’s wrong. You want the flow to only work during the night. However, the app will most likely look at the evening and the morning of the same day.

So let’s say it’s 23.00 today (25-06-2019) and the motion sensor is triggered. The flow will check if the time is later than early evening of 25-06-2019 and earlier than the morning of 25-06-2019. As you will understand, this is never possible!

I would suggest you use the date & time (datum en tijd in Dutch) flow cards as Jamie suggests. However, if you wish to use the sun events app, you can try turning the two moments around, so it reads:
Het is tussen:
Einde Ochtend gouden uur 0
Begin avond gouden uur 0

And then inverse the flow card. This is possible with a lot of flow cards (called ‘Omkeren’ in Dutch). Hope you understand what I mean. If you don’t, PM me so i can tell you in Dutch.

Yet another option would be to split this in two flow cards.
One saying it’s later than Begin avond gouden uur 0
And another saying it’s earlier than Einde ochtend gouden uur 0
When you split then by the ‘or’-function (press, hold and drag down a little bit), this should work to.

Ahhhh, silly me… Thanks guys, made some changes to the flow accordingly and will report back later tonight to see if it works! :sweat_smile:

It’s working now guys, thanks a lot!

Great to hear, enjoy!