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Give up


I think the moderators on this forum are out off control.


Hi Erik,

Sorry for you, but i do understand!

Installed Homey Pro, monitored my Wifi (you never no), just one Flow, 4 Lamps.
Kept my ‘old’ Homey running and kept Homey developer Web open to see if someting is going on.
Analyses of Wifi is very stable with no disturbance. Powered both with there own 5.15v (monitored), 5a power supply.

They still going offline “out of te blue” at least 4 times a day in differnt freqencies while average load between 9% and 21% for the pro and 14% to 66% for the normal Homey (last messurement before going offline).

Only a ‘reboot’ (diconnect the power en connect it again) and both are up en running again.

I am close to going to play football with the Homey’s…;-(


No no @Rocodamelshe is right, there is not anything wrong with Homey, just with the users.
And he is very good to send people to other eco-systems, I like a guy that has the power to do so and wishes him all the goods for the future.


What about you start to behave like a real moderator? Think before you talk would be nice sometimes…


The thing that’s wrong is all you’re bitching :joy:


So moderators cannot have an opinion and express that opinion but “normal members” can?
Am in no way connected to Athom B.V. and am just a user like u.


My dear “Some Moderator”,

The roll of a moderator is to keep an eye on bad language, people how directly insult other members etc.etc. With your reaction you open the door for people to be rude en misplaced direct.

so i copied the basic community rules for you to remember.

  • Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?
  • Be kind to your fellow community members
  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people

Keep up the good work!


Was i being rude to anyone?

What’s there to improve when the TS stated he’s giving up and have a Homey for sale?

Where was i being rude to anyone?

I did not criticize anyone, just reacted on the statement made.


Maybe it is an idea to ask help from Athom?


I give up…

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Guy’s this discussion isn’t going to lead anywhere as it only goes about feelings and many non related issues…

Please contact Athom for help on you connection Issue.
Selling Homey’s here is not possible.

I suggest to try to find a solution to your connection issue as it could not be that there are so many Homey’s sold and all have that issue. Maybe you have some specific combination issue leading to this experience. Reporting and isolating that issue here helps Athom and others…

If you want help I suggest to open an topic with a good Issue description as title, not your feelings. Or come to Slack and find there an expert that can help you isolate the issue. I hope it will lead to an solution faster.

For all others, try to be Constructive and helpfull
I think no one is helped by a forum with wining topics and feelings.

I am going to archive, maybe even delete this one soon as I am afraid even someone with technical knowledge with only the slightest same symptoms isn’t helped by reading this conversation.

If you have any problems with that please feel free to contact me or another moderator.