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In changelog:

Added more devices - Thx “matrover” for providing the pulls.
GL-B-001Z, GL-B-008Z, GL-S-003Z, GL-S-007Z
There are still issues with controlling white, this is waiting for the zigbee rewrite by Athom in HomeyCore OS.”

Does this mean that GL-C-006 DC12-24V WW/CW can’t control warm and cold colors properly?


Hi kai,

It means that the colors all work but the shadeds of white dont work. The whole white leds arent turned on

Dear all,

will this ever be resolved?

i just ordered them for my complete home…

I dont want to have red lights on 24/7.

Nope, still waiting on the zigbee rewrite from athom. Which is under construction but no eta’s

Ugh, that is harsh…

i might need to replace all Gu10 LEDS in my house for something else for now then…

I’m following these update on latest firmware but no one seems to communicate

Hi! Could you please add support for Gledopto RGB+CCT zigbee controller model GL-MC-001?
It’s currently recognized only as basic Zigbee device with on/off only (green color dafault). Device details attached. Thanks in advance!