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Google assistant:It looks like Homey is unavailable now

Annoying problem!
Sometimes Google assistant is telling me: “Homey is unavailable right now.” Homey is available, and the command is carried out without problems, but still Google tells me this. Does anyone have a fix? I’ve tried rebooting Homey and it seems to be random from all the Google devices so…

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In de homey app under google home is it enabled?

Edit, nevermind i was to fast with the reading.

I have the same problem since i connected Google Home with Homey. I hear this sentence a lot: ‘Homey is unavailable right now’ or ‘there was a problem with x lights’ although it was still able to turn them off.
Example to reproduce:
When 1 light is turned off in the living room by a flow and I speak to google ‘turn off all lights in the living room’ it will give me this error message.
I get this error so often (once a day or once in 2 days) that I’m already used to it, but it’s strange I don’t see other people in this forum with this problem. On the office we have a Homey too and it has exactly the same problem.

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Same here

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Here also the same problem

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yeah i get this too, other devices controlled by google work ok, so its the Homey part of the link thats the issue
i have two lights in a google room, and i say turn off lights, the non homey one (a crappy lenovo bulb) works every time, the ones via homey something work, sometimes take 10 seconds or so… or just dont.
if i use the homey app they work fine. so its not the homey to local device connection either.


Same, google can always turn anything on or off but keeps “complaining” :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is known to Athom, apparently homey doest not respond fast enough to Google. Regardless we all need to send this issue to athom over support@athom.com so they are aware this is wide spread. When I was in contact with them I didn’t get the feeling they will do anything about it. So we need to be boring and to overload the support mailbox. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I also got this problem a lot.
It is gone when I solved this problem : How to disable Google Home suggestion to add a flow card to say something back

Note that I solved it by just adding a flowcard to say something with an emtpy txt string.

I have the same problem.

Now the voice control via Homey will stop, I was looking into the Google Assistant integration. But the only respons I get: ‘Homey is unavailable’.

Restarting Homey didn’t work, reconnecting the google assistant didn’t work…I’ve been trying to turn off my lamp all evening, but with no succes :frowning:
And Alex makes it look so easy in the video…

Still the same annoying problem.

I was able to fix my problems!

In the meantime Homey also updated to v5, so i don’t know if that’s part of the solution…

I disconnected my Homey-account from Google Home, I also disconnected/removed the Homey-account of my partner of her assistant/home. That removed all the devices off Homey in Google Home.

After reconnecting my account to Google Home/Assistant I was able to control the devices via Google Home.

dont forget you can ask google to re sync all devices as well, this has helped once