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Google Home discussion topic part 2

Supported devices

Google Home has limited support for certain devices. The following devices currently work with Homey + Google Assistant.

  • Sockets, Switches and other On/Off devices
  • Lights
  • Thermostats
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When I ask Google assistant for the temperature in the livingroom it tells me the setpoint of the thermostat instead of the actual measured temperature :thinking:

I have an issue with a Tradfri color bulb (connected through Tradfri hub) and a Magic Home LED controller: their color selection is not available (anymore?) in Google Home app/assistant. Anyone else having this problem?

I must be doing something wrong. I Linked my homey (brand new) account in Google Home - enabled sync in the Homey Settings, Rebooted homey - but none of my devices from Google Home are appearing in Homey - any ideas? (Yes, I installed the homey apps for the devices)

Thanks in advance for any assistance

The sync is only from Homey to Google Home, honey is not capable of controlling google home connected devices

I have a issue with synchronising to google. If i check Enable synchronisation to Google i get the error missing homey id. I did connect homey in the google home app. Any idea?

And you enabeld google home in de homey app.

More----settings-----google assitant

Yes i can use google assistent, but can’t synchronize to google

And what happend when you ask google “let me talk to homey”

it looks like your account at homey is not yet linked. you can link homey to google account with your google home app.

But i can say he google turn on tv.

I followed these steps (only step 4 missing)

I am still waiting for homey to integrate rollershutter devices with Google home, the api is there from Google side, would be a great improvement for homey being able to voice command the rollershutter via Google home


I also suffer the same issue regarding “Synchronise to google”

I went to the google home app, added homey, logged inn and added all the devices that was availble.
It didnt add anything else than bulbs. My HUE sensors and switches didnt come over.

Either way, i went back to the Homey app and pressed “Synchronise to google” and “Missing_homey_ID” pops up and it will not change the button.

EDIT: I Wonder if this can have something to do with what you have allowed google to collect from you.

Anyone who has experience using Google Home + Homey with two people?

I linked Homey to Google Home, and everything works fine. I enabled voicematch for myself, no problems there. The thing is, when my girlfriend registers voicematch, she is no longer able to turn on lights or anything, Google will tell that the devices are not available. When she removes voicematch though, everything works out fine.

My idea was that something is not right with permissions. Maybe Google tries to reach Homey devices via the Google-account of my girlfriend (she also has a Homey account btw), while I linked Homey to Google using my own account. Could that be the case, and where can I fix it? Or do you have any other thoughts?

Have you invited your girlfriend to your Goggle home “home” where you have all devices?

Yes, and I made her owner so she could edit settings etc. Still no luck though.

And it is in Google Home you have invited her, not as owner in Homey?

She is owner in Google Home, and admin in Homey (the highest level I could give)

Anyone found a solution for the “missing homey ID”? I have the same problem.

When I want to switch the button “sync with google” it gives a red bar saying “missing Homey ID”. My Homey is connected on google

Google home facing Homey has worked fine since it came. Now I had to reinstall Homey in google home. Was inside and deleted link but only get errors when I try to install Homey again. It says: Homey is affiliated. and then comes: Something went wrong, try again.
been on google and check. Link is there. deleted link again and tried many times.
Does anyone have the same problem? Is there someone who can help?

RE: Can Homey run a routine in Google assistant?
I have been trying to find an answer in this thread with no luck so I need advise.

Example: I want google assistant (GA) to automatically (not via my voice command) run a routine that controls a Split system air-conditioner (no central thermostat).
FYI - Smart Air-conditioners in Australia are not (yet) set up with Homey or IFTTT. Most Brands will work with GA voice commands. I am currently using Sensibo which is connected to Homey and works well but building a new house and will buy a new air-conditioner that will connect with GA.
I want to have various flows (and various conditions) in Homey, that will tell GA to turn on air-conditioner and set Temperature. Is this possible?
Another way I tried is to have a virtual button or mode, but I don’t think GA is able to have a button/mode activate a routine. As far as i can work out a GA routine can only be actioned by voice commands.