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Ok so if I make a speech answer with homey, google won’t tell me that it doesn’t respond. But Homey still won’t respond to “Ok Homey”.


yes they turning off homey voice by default, though u can still enable.

You supposed to rely on Google home, Echo etc for voice commands.

YET they expect you to say “ok Google, tell homey to…”

Clearly they didnt think this through properly.

I will not recommend Homey to anyone until this is fixed.

I will probably blog about it in Jan 2019


@Groundhog as @Dijker already posted :

The direct integration with smart devices has been made some time ago, but Google suddenly requires us to ship them two Homeys with accessories, and add functionality (live reporting) completely which is, well, a lot harder. I am not pleased with this development and their lack of honest communication upfront.

I’ll keep you guys posted.
[Emile Nijssen]


I’m waiting for a long time getting harmony supported in dutch, any update on that ? Or simply wait for the new homey skill for google ?


Harmony? You mean homey? It’s already supported in Dutch for a week or so


Let’s wait for routines implemented in the Dutch language on Google Home.


Can’t wait for that! Tried setting it up yesterday but indeed doesn’t work in Dutch.


It works when I ask ‘ok google, vraag aan homey om mijn lampen aan te zetten’. Works like charm.


Laat homey de lampen aanzetten works also


is it possible to let Google Home speaker say something by a command from Homey, i have one Homey in my house but 3 google home minis , so i can listen to ist is going to rain in other places as the room where Homey is ?


Athom just releasewd an blog about google home and dutch support. However no news for us reading this communiy-forum…

In short: an announcement that you need to say “OK Google, ask homey to” instead of run Homey flows without the use of “ask homey to”.


There is a very low level support for Homey still no devices.


I think this is not the real google support this is just a work around.
If was real support the google home app should look like this


What about … its a start. Be happy for once?


I already have it running as it should be because i use domoticz in between homey and google.
So i was hoping to stop domoticz and and use only homey but i need to wait a bit i guess

But if you do not have that this a great start


U are correct, added it to the opening post.


Hi all,
I named my flow ‘TV kijken’ and I am hooked up with google home/assistant with Homey. So when I ask assistant 'ask homey to start the flow ‘TV kijken’ (all in Dutch), it won’t do anything.
Can any of you help me out here?

Below see my flow and how google responds.


Hier hetzelfde probleem!


can domoticz send commands to google home like speach fraces "it is going to rain ?’


You can do it with node red and mqtt works great