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thats nice , thats what i am looking for


Thats because you use it the wrong.

You have to say" vraag homey om ik wil tv kijken" , and because that doesn’t sound great you have to change the card"Een gebruiker zei iets met" to “tv kijken”

And then ask the the question,"hey google, vertel homey dat ik TV wil KIJKEN "



As of today I’ve finally lost that irritating error of didn’t find Homeys. I can finally say something to homey over Google. To me this is more then enough.

The fact I’m doing it with phrase “tell homey to” I personally couldn’t care less. It works now so I’m happy with it. Thumbs up for that.


I can confirm that. Yesterday my account was unlinked automatically again and i was surprised i could link it again by my phone (which never worked because of language settings).
I just tried to link the account again with my wife and daughter’s phones to their Home accounts and now it works. Finally everyone in the family can talk to Homey via Google Home! :grinning::+1:


Nine out of ten times my Google Home translates my questions to let Homey to do stuff as ‘tell Harmony’ and responds with “Harmony (retired) is not …”. If I ask ‘Let me to talk to Homey’, the word is perfectly understood. Has anyone yet resolved this issue?


Had that in the beginning as well, try saying “Homeeee” instead, exaggerating a bit worked for me :slight_smile:


i saw ont the other day that even Telldus now is supporting native google assistant integration.
Telldus for me is a cheap start system. Good to start with but not that good to get going in the long run with protocols and integrations.

Homey for me is the premium option with all the protocoll and the endless list of integrations with a lot of manufactures.

So why can’t we get native GA integration when even telldus can? What is athom doing wrong or what is it that takes so long time?


Ask Athom, they are the only ones that can answer that question


It’s just a matter of not reading the topic. There is a post (in this very same topic yes) stating that it is under investigation at Google and waiting approval. So, we gonna get it. Just not sure how long Google takes for approving it.


Would have used this, or at least would have given it a try :slight_smile:
But unfortunatly, ‘Routines’ seem to be missing in a Dutch version of the Google Home app.
I expect that it will be added at a later time, since the Dutch version of the Google Assistent is new.



News from Athom in the monthly behind the scenes.

In the previous Behind the Magic I also promised that the Smart Home integration would be available shortly. However thus far it has been a very frustrating experience with Google to get it live. We’ve done all the work required, but suddenly they required that we send many devices to the US for certification, and meet certain requirements that in our opinion invade our users’ privacy way too much.

Currently we’re negotiating with Google to get this resolved as soon as possible but they’re very hesitant so far. When we have news, we’ll share.


im guessing the big fine google got from the european commision doesnt help either, they dont like us europeans at the moment …


nonsense. I bet the only “happy” people are those who dont really use Google home much.


The part about invading user privacy is easily handled. Let users know and decide!

I think this is simply a calculated business decision about costs of certification.


Privacy is already gone when using a Google Home or MIni, or any other google product, that’s a given.
Same with facebook etc, so that should not be a big issue, Google users should know that already.


I agree with Groundhog, I’d rather choose myself to knowingly (sacrificy) some of my privacy to Google then have Google making the choice for me. Besides I would not be able to guess what the differeny in privacy would between the current and the new situation.


You mean Athom/Homey make the choice.


Yes, you are right. Rather than Athom making the choice for me, I would like to be able to make it myself.


I can’t find any reference to it in the forums yet. But do other people also always get “Who is your Honey?” response to any questions typed with a keyboard on your phone? Damn frustrating as speaking will usually result in Google going off on a tangent about the retired Harmony app :tired_face:


I can only conclude athom doesnt think native GA support is a priority. Probably they can see most of the users are Alexa or Apple homekit.