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Hey @seiko you’ve helped me out here, so big thanks! :+1:
Starting and stopping my flows work fine now, but I have 2 questions left;

  1. It only works from the Google assistant on my phone and not through Google home mini which I have in my house. I verified that Google home mini is hearing the correct phrase (you can look up what Google understands from your command) and it’s 100% the same phrase that I say to my phone, yet it’s not doing it frome the home mini.
  2. Although it is working from my phone (as in: in the example below my TV is indeed being switched off), the written response from the assistant is that homey is not reacting at the moment and that I should try again later. See screenshot. Weird… Why would this be? And could it be somehow related to question 1?


for question 1:
did you connect your google home mini in:


Maybe first disconnect the phone and connect both again starting with the mini to homey with the link above

for question 2: sometimes i have also the issue that google says that homey is not reacting and the flow is actually triggered, I don’t lnow wyhy that is.
Maybe because there are multiple triggers in the flows or because multiple AND’s in the flow?
and then again sometimes i have no problems at all?

So i really do not know.


Hi @seiko thx once again!
Issue 1 was indeed solved by unlinking Homey through that link, and then reconnecting by saying ‘let me talk to Homey’ to the Google home (if I remember well, I linked to Homey last time from within the Google assistant on my phone, which probably is the wrong way).

Issue 2 still happens. Although homey perfectly listens to my commands, Google assistant still mentions that ‘homey isn’t responding at the moment’. If anyone has a brilliant suggestion, please let me know! :+1:


The briljant suggestion is that Athom should take care of these (in my opinion very annoying and major) problems for existing users instead of putting all resources on a 2.0 upgrade in an attempt to get more new buyers. But is has very low attention, that’s for sure.


Starting to feel that we might not get this before mid 2019 - as it doesnt feel Athom sees this as a priority.


nah. they know what they doing.

they probably have fewer customers using Google home



Let Homey reply to your question by speech, Google Home will get the message and will speak out the reply. I don’t have the problem anymore.


Hi, not sure really what you meant. So you put in the flow that Homey repeats the command you give to him or so?


No, in the last column where you put your action you also add a “voice” action. For instance “Switching on the lights”. That will then be said through your Google Home.


What Peter says. Let homey reply with speech. Google Home will say that message.


How do you make Google home say the message? Something like this?


Yes, that’s the way


Awesome. That’s working.


Does Google home say that message or does it come from homey?


Google home says it. If I remember well.


If the flow is started by/through Homey: Homey says the words.
If the flow is started by/through Google Home: Google Home says the words.


Im using google home alot to control ny house now after the stable homey 2.0 update i cant shut down lamps anymore when i say ask homey to pull off all lights instead off shut them down homey pull all the lights on like i ask ask homey turn all lights on so both off these commands will turn all lights on


is there a way to send commands to google home from homey ?


Could you put some points and comma’s in that blurb of text? No idea what you’re saying right now, sorry :slight_smile:


Yes, you can go to Settings in the app, scroll down a bit and you’ll see Google Assistant under Integrations.