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yes i know that but how to send a message to the home device of google from homey ?


Sorry, misread your question, you want it the other way.
Don’t know about that…


doesnt matter, would be nice if that could be possible, like sending push notification to mobile. Google Home devices ar ideal with homey, good speech recognition and you can integrate a lot of devices in Home so Homey as the brain and Home as the executor, then Homey also has more resources for the brain function. Hmoe mini costs 30 euro on a discount Homey 300. so in every room a little Home mini and one Homey in thec hous you can cotrol the wholec house with your voice where ever you are


To me it seems like the Homey/Home integration is on the wrong track. I also have a Homeseer, it integrates very nicely with Google home by exposing flows and devices by name. This eliminates any language problems. It works with Swedish, or any language. This is what homey should do. It seems very silly to have to say “Hey Google, tell homey…” when i want to say turn on the lights…


Athom is waiting for Google to approve their integration for quite some time now already


A bit hard to believe when scrolling thru the list of possible integrations in Google assistant. Literally hundreds of tiny companies with small footprint are available. None that require English language support…


Suddenly my google assistant says homey is not responding and not activating any flows. Any ideas???

Edit: off topic but now my homey app says offline too. My brother has the same problem so I guess there are some problems with services.

Edit 2: homey came back online and I relinked assistant. Now when I ask homey to go to bed it says ‘Geen apparaten met de ‘aangezet’ optie zijn gevonden’ . Why is that, yesterday it replied like that with sleep as keyword and now with bed.


Are you running the DP? Your own speech card will now get a higher priority than the build in commands. Might got something to do with that.


What is DP? I still got no idea what the problem is.


Anyone hear word of “real” integration? Not this let me talk to homey nonsense?


Gonna have to ask Discourse how they hand out those badges:


If this is one of those excellent overall contributions u earned the badge for its about time they are reconcidering that me guess.


:smiley: Seems to be a bit sensitive to criticise Homey here… Can agree it’s a bit sarcastic but it’s nonetheless relevant. With many other integrated units you don’t need to ask to talk to xxx. If, for example, you have a HomeSeer then the devices show up in Google home and you can control them by name. I.e if you have a bedroom light hooked to HomeSeer then you simply say hey Google, turn on bedroom light… And it works in all languages that Google support, not just Dutch and English…


No problem doing that, if there’s a good reason…

Up until a few months ago, you still had to work the same way for the Logitech Harmony and that product is used by millions of people.
It changed now but only still works in English!

So have some patience, Athom is working on it and apparently it’s in Google’s hands for the moment…


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The google end was fixed long ago. As I said it works perfectly with Homeseer…


What does Homeseer have to do with Homey? Athom is awaiting the approval of Google to make it work without the ‘ask Homey’…


Are they awaiting approval? Last thing I’ve read was Google asking for changes in logging and demo hardware to test and Athom disagreeing doing that. That doesn’t sound like awaiting approval, that sounds like an abandonded approval process.


Hm, wasn’t aware of that. That wouldn’t be very cool of athom… :disappointed:

Maybe @Bram knows more about this?


Last I heard they had supplied the devices etc then google wanted your personal information which Athom refuses to share with them …


Didn’t hear they refused? I know Google wanted more reporting but after that no more info from Athom. Asked @Bram yesterday if this was the case but he hasn’t responded yet…