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Or you create a number of “shortcuts” in your Google Assistant". That’s totally free…


Here’s a guide


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I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that or how it works. So forgive me if my assumption is wrong.

I’d say that the advantage of using something that Google home sees as native is that you get all the intelligence without having to adapt to every situation. You can ask to turn off every light in a room and ask if a light is on or off for example. It will also natively support changes that Google might do.

But like you said, gBridge costs money so some people might prefer a free option instead. It’s great to have both choices.


In Assistant you can create “shortcuts” or if you like “personal commands”. You can name this whatever you like (like “Hit the sack”), type the desired command (like “ask homey to switch off all lights in the living room”) and make sure Homey has a flow that picks this up (like “something was said xxx”). In these cases, you don’t have to say the “ask homey” part.
Indeed you can’t ask for statuses (unless you create a shortcut for every question) but you can shorten the most used phrases you use for Homey.


So I went that route… it was painful…

Most times google would catch it as a shortcut but sometimes not
but worse…
It didnt always do the same for the other users in the house

This way… Google sees it as a native device it can control and just acts as expected EVERY TIME

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Works fine here now. Experienced the same indeed, but that was before i added all familiy members on all GH devices (we have 4 around the house).
Fact is, i really don’t want to pay extra for functionality that should just work on something i already paid big bucks for. :innocent:


gbridge is free for 4 devices

its pay what you want for unlimited

anyway… as long as you have a solution that works and you are happy


I configured gBridge also yesterday, works great.

But… I totally agree with you and as soon as Homey gets it working as it should have already, gBrigde is out the door :stuck_out_tongue:


is it faster? with shortcut it can be as slow as 3s

do we have to buy hardware?

is this only for 2.0?


It is super speedy, it is almost instant at my house.


darn. this works only for 2.0…??


I think it is, but I am not sure because I only start using Homey on version 2.0


I think that the version needed of the app MQTT Hub only works for 2.0. I know that the developer has no access to 1.5 anymore so he can’t maintain support by himself for it.




Wouldn’t say so. 1.5 isn’t supported by athom anymore so I’d say it’s time to move on.


I’ll give it a few more months.

for bugs to be ironed out. I only started Homey June 2018


I wrote a manual on how to update Smart Presence from 1.5 to V2.0
Might be of help here…



There’s much more to be done, different SDK-versions etc etc. But it might work for some apps…


Ofcourse, but for now it does work for Smart Presence :slight_smile:

Better small progression than no progression.

Keep up the good work


Sorry, i’m offtopic. This is the Google home discussion topic.

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