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It works most of the time with the tablet that has the “owner account”.
But If i connect Google Ass on the secondary tablet with a user account (non owner) its not working. The homey is linked but Google Ass returns “cant send messages yet”. So iam guessing its understands the input but dont have “permission” to access homey due to the account type?
Sometimes if you say Get Homey, homey connects. In that case the account has permission all of a sudden? Then if you say something (like to turn some lights on) google responds as described above.

Ive tried unlink/relink/reset/clear data - forget me etc…

Any idea sombody?


Seems to be very quiet about Google home…only sign of life from Athom lately is the blog about not worrying about Alexa…

I have tried all sorts of combinations of language and settings on Google and Homey and it seems that if you are not native English it’s quite hopeless… Don’t know if it even works then…


I’m wondering myself what the status is. Yesterday I was at a friend who has the google home in combination with the philips hue. And to be honest that works flawlessly. This must also be possible with homey?


German is coming, maybe thats the reason al energy is put in Alexa . I have my Hue and Lightify connected to Google Home, works good with Hue, but connection to the lightify servers is bad ,ones a week and i have to reconnect lightify to Google Home readd all lights to a room, and the lightify Homey app is only for version one of Homey. Maybe Athom should release the app to developers.

I am waiting for an app of athom to control Google home , i have 4 minis in my house so i dont have to use mobile anymore , every ehere where i speak i can control my house.


I’m in a similar situation. I have IKEA lamps connected directly to Home as well as a Homeseer. Both work very well without any language barrier. My Home runs combo of Swedish and English.
Since Homey does not work with Google Home i can’t move the IKEA stuff to Homey where I would want it in flows…


German is coming, so revitilization of the osram hub app is also important for Athom , a lot of Germans use the Osram lightify hub . Osram is a German factory and sold a lot on Amazon.de und Mediamarkt.de


Look for the topic on gBridge with the MQTT hub app. This works perfectly with the google home mini. No more saying “ask honey” and a very fast responce. I can use Dutch or English and both work good. A good solution until a good Homey/ google integration comes.

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Looks promising but I don’t want to use several services in between. Who knows what they collect? Yes I know it’s silly when talking about a Google product but still would like to see direct communication .

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That would be best, i agree
I also tried Alexa on my Sonos one speaker. Works good but still waiting for Dutch support.
So i still hope Athom and Google work things out.


I have the Ikea lights connected to Google Home but also to Homey by the Tradfri Gateway app. So I can switch them by Home but also in flows with Homey.


It’s perfectly reasonable to not wanting to use gBridge since there’s some settings to add and things to set up and it’s also not free if you want to use more than four devices.

But being scared of it collecting data is probably not rational. The only thing it can collect is the data of the devices you add to it. So if you want to turn a lamp on and off you activate that in the MQTT Hub and then gbridge will see only this device and only on/off, dim status and power reporting. If that is too much info then fine. But it won’t be able to collect random bits of info like presence and stuff. Only what you want to give it.


Interesting! So they both run the lights using the Gateway? Do the updates work also, I.e. if Google turns them on does Homey show them as on also? And vice versa?


Yes, it works both. And the updates work also.


It’s magic :mage:

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So basically, the IKEA gateway and a hidden IKEA device could be used to trigger a Homey flow from Google home as a sort of workaround?! :smiley:


But still have to ask homey to turn up the volume using gbridge. Correct me if i’m wrong.


I guess that depends on what you want to turn up the volume on. I don’t use the Homey voice control at all as it’s tied to the Homey and I want voice control all over the house. I would want Google home for voice input, controlling Spotify, Chromecast etc. and few other things and then Homey to run flows. Ideally of course it would be fun to trigger the popcorn machine run buy Homey based on playing the right song on Spotify😃


I do hope it is something like a google home mini that you can just ask to turn on the volume. That request is forwarded to your gbridge and that decides what device to turn the volume on to. I guess?


Its not that simple i guess. Gbridge only allows devices, so have to make a work-around with a virtual device in Homey first for volume up and down for the activities in harmony. But its possible.