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It somehow does not work for me. I removed and re added all of the google homes with voice recognition off, now if I ask google to tell homey to do something it tells me that I need to enable voice personalization for this.


I set my homey to english and when I ask my google home mini to talk to homey it says. I didn’t findHomeys that can be used with google assistant. Please make sure your Homey’s language is set to English.

How can I fix this?



Ok ok. I just unlinked my Google Home Mini to walk through the steps.

  1. My Homey is set to the English language.
  2. Unlink your Google Home
  3. (my phone is on US region/language, not sure if needed since google assistant is out in the Netherlands, but a few months ago this was the only way to use routines).
  4. Open de Google Home app and say: Ok google, let me talk to Homey.
  5. When it says you need to enable personalization, you need to do this. This IS different from Voice Match. In the app on the discover tab it says something like actions that are part of your recent activity. Click on settings and enable the personalization switch. DO NOT SETUP VOICE MATCH.

Now when you say Ok google, I want to talk to Homey it should work.

Integration with Google Home

Thanks for your support, but i can’t get it work. I repeat the steps as you discribed for several times but no result. Any ideas?



Are you sure your Homey account is (still) correctly linked to your Home app? The link tends to disappear once in a while and then you have to unlink and link the account like from scratch. This is a bit tricky because you can’t find the unlink button where you expect it in your Home of assistant settings if you’re phone or tablet language isn’t set exactly the same as your Home language. I have to do this about once every 3 weeks / 1 month.


Thank you for your time and the detailed explanation dENNtoet! I will unlink and uninstall everything and give this a try. Do you also have spotify installed? Does that still work after this? (I guess spotify needs to know what user based account to use and won’t be happy if everyone starts requesting songs, possibly without a license).


I know it might be an extra step, but I’ve got 7 :grin:Google home’s in the house, so every room is able to use voice control for lighting, watching TV, etc, etc.
I tried the homey integration, but last time I tried it wasn’t working the way I want.
So I’ve set it up via ifttt.com both homey and Google home work great with it. I know it’s an extra step, but for me it works all the time and it’s stable. My 5 year old girl (dutch) can give commands in English to a Google home and that works great! When she speaks to homey directly it doesn’t always understand her. I think the Google speach recognition is better than homey, which also made my choice stronger to go for ifttt.

BTW, all my devices are set to English.


That’s a very interesting idea Debbie. I’ll check out this solution as well. Sounds great. Is it also quick enough even though it has a additional step to perform?


But that is an extra step which is unnecessary. I used to use IFTTT when I had an Alexa since I couldn’t make shortcuts (which are now called routines).

With routines you can set it up like this, you need to set this up in the Google Home app on your phone/tablet:

When I say:
Dinner time

Let my assistant do
Tell homey Dinner time

On Homey you should have a flow like:

In real life:
You would say: “Hey Google, dinner time”. No need to say: “Hey Google, tell Homey dinner time”


There is no noticeable delay from Google to homey via ifttt. It’s quicker than walking to the light switch. :wink:

Homey might even be te slowest in the proces. I noticed that when a flow starts it takes a while to finish all the lights in a flow.
Only setup takes more time, because you have to make an applet in ifttt and a flow in homey, but that’s a one time thing. And off course if you change a flow or an applet, you might need to do that in both as well. Still it’s currently the best option for me.


I agree, it’s an extra step, but when I tried connecting homey with Google assistant it wasn’t working the way it should. Asking to reconnect my homey a couple of times. When is was working it stopped after a few days asking to reconnect homey again.
Routines is a newer feature and I’ve setup ifttt before it was an option in google. Still doesn’t solve my reconnecting homey issue.
Ifttt triggers a flow and I can set up multiple sentences.
But I agree the extra step should not be needed if homey was bug free in the Google home connection!

BTW, I haven’t tested it the last weeks, so maybe it is working better now.

Just wondering, I’ve setup 3 users in my Google homes. Routines is a user thing, so does it work for all users?
IFTTT is also set in my personal user but also works for the other 2 users on Google home as well.


Thanks Debbie, this is working great! Off course a real Homey - Google Home app would be best, but this seems to be the next best thing. I never got custom routines to work as well (assistant simply seems to completely ignore them, only the “goodnight” and “i’m home” building routines work), this is indeed a bit cumbersome, but it works and it also works for all users that try it.


Hi PetervdK,

Ik linked and unlinked my account several times. It just wont work.

Just checking. The only thing i have to do in Homey is set the language to english. Is that correct?

I think i’m gonna try the itfff option, but it still stange and irritating.


The IFTTT works great and now that I see all you can do with it I have a lot more ideas to automate that I could never do using only Homey. Steps I did to make it work:

  • Create account on ifttt
  • Connect both Homey and Google Assistant to ifttt
  • Install IFTTT app on Homey
  • Create flow starting with IFTTT app, creating an IFTTT trigger. The “then” should do whatever you want it to do (I Have it started an existing flow for what I need it to do).
  • Open IFTTT site, click IF, select google home, insert what it should trigger on and any alternative trigger commands.
  • Click “then”, pick Homey, select the trigger you created.
  • Be amazed that it works :slight_smile:


No, not only set your Homey to English, also your Homey account has to be linked (correctly) to your Google Home. If you say “hey google, i want to talk to Homey”, what is the exact response you get from Google?


This is the answer
I didn’t find Homeys that can be used with google assistant. Please make sure your Homey’s language is set to English.

In google assistant i can see that homey is linked to my account.


Do you have the Google Home app installed and is your Google Home mini visible there?


Yes i did and it is visible


Pff, then i’m out of options… Anyone one else some idea?


Thanks Peter,

I didn’t expect it was that difficult. I now have it working with ifttt and that works great, but directly with homey would-be better.