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My Google Home keeps saying “I don’t understand” or “I can’t do that yet” when trying to connect with Homey.


Experiencing the same issues as mentioned earlier, getting “I didn’t find Homeys that can be used with Google Assistent. Please make sure your Homey’s language is set to English.” (Homey, Google Home, Google Assistent and my phone all in English).


It has been 2 weeks so sad … google didnt manage to kill this bugs


Hm indeed. I wonder why this is a Google issue though. Seems like we’re already at the ‘Homey side’ when it gives this message.


Will there be an improvement on integration with Google Home just like Fibaro and Vera where the account linkage is via the connected device?

Reason for this is when this happens, the device is directly exposed to Google Home to call.

Today without, it makes Google to call Homey and the command to turn on/off the light goes: “Hey Google, ask Homey to turn on light” while direct integration can be “Hey Google, Turn on light”.

Also its easier to troubleshoot for sign in issue. Just unlink and link. Today it has to use voice command to link and unlink to discover and also specific sentence to get Homey works: “Select Homey” after logout and login again.

Although this can have a workaround to use Google Home Routine but that not very smart if additional work can be remove.


this has been asked many times.

I think it’s high on the priority after 2.0 is launched. At the time early 2018 a developer replied to me saying hoping it would be before end of 2018. But currently I think even first half of 2019 would be ambitious.

it’s the main reason I don’t recommend homey to anyone now . I have a ton of routines to avoid saying tell homey and it is confusing and slow. I am thinking now of getting a Google smart display but kinda pointless given lack of support in homey

I suspect a lot of homey users are Alexa users so Google home support isn’t a big deal. but we don’t have official Alexa support here so most people here use Google home


Homey works perfectly without Google Home for many cases, so saying “I don’t recommend homey to anyone now” is a bit weird in my eyes.

I use Homey to do all kind of things in my house automated, like turning on the lights on movement if it is dark, moving the sunscreens down or up based on the weather/temperature/time, etc.
I am not going to buy a Google Home so you wouldn’t recommend it to me at all?

I have been using Siri for a long time now, integrated on my phone and watch and it works perfectly together with Siri and the Homekit apps.

Last week I got my airconditioning installed, it is a Daikin with Wifi module. Within 5 minutes after installation I got it hooked into Homey and added to Homekit. I asked “Hey Siri, Turn on the airconditioning” and was surprised that it worked immediately… I don’t need Google Home!


The danger is that you can use a lot of domotica thru Google home, if Athom doesn’t act quick and Google keeps adding devices they will be the new ’ there can be only one ". I do need the bridge for say hue, but if planned good you really don’t need all those different protocols. So they need to make Google home integration a big priority in my eyes.


I tried to ask how to even connect Homey now, but got arrogantly ignored, thread closed, and told to “search the forum”.
I cannot find any way to connect Google Home to Homey with the current app, I don’t think this was tested before closing my thread.


Saw this thread?


It keeps saying random things like “Always”, or “I can search the Internet” or “I don’t understand”.

Norwegian was just supported though, could it be a bug maybe?


I am not going to buy a Google Home so you wouldn’t recommend it to me at all?

exactly the response I expected. Given you are a Alexa and even apple kit user

I use Homey to do all kind of things in my house automated, like turning on the lights on movement if it is dark, moving the sunscreens down or up based on the weather/temperature/time, etc.

great. But like it or not a lot of people think of smart home as voice control. most common function turn on a light by voice. with homey moving away from their own voice capability not having proper support for One of the most popular voice assistants is the height of foolishness. Already Google home sales are starting to outstripe Alexa.

I have been using Siri for a long time now, integrated on my phone and watch and it works perfectly together with Siri and the Homekit apps.

Apple home kit lol. Sorry but that DOA. even my most diehard apple friends dont use it. You know what they have? Google home minis because they are officially supported here unlike say alexa and given away aggressively. not to mention android usage here is high.

I know homey core base is in Europe and Neitherlands who favor Alexa, siri.

But internationally it is Google assistant that is reigning.

if homey is to grow beyond the super hobbyist group , it needs proper Google home support.

From what I’ve observed Google home mini is acting like the gateway drug to people discovering homehubs. Homey wont get a 2nd look without proper support. Of course people here dont care, we are the super users.

I dont mean to offend but you must realise the majority of people are not like us


very good point. I noticed a lot of friends now have Google home minis they got free bundled with various things.

It is the gateway drug of choice for lots of people to discover home automation. A popular route for them is to get broadlink switches (supported by Google home) and call it a day. I know because my interior designer friends tell me.

I explain to them why you need a proper home hub and they then ask me to recommend one . naturally they want to build on what they want that works with Google home.

I’m forced to say homey support isnt there yet unlike others eg Smartthings.

by failing to prioritize Google support, Homey is making a gigantic strategic error.

edit: I know we are all fans of homey I say this because I want homey to succeed and reach mass market.

If I were in a country with Alexa support I would use it . Alexa integration with homey is amazing when I tested. but internationally Google home has support in more regions


same here, if no official announcements are made soon about proper google assistant integration, then I probably will switch controller.

homey is amazing (although could use a bit more memory), but I aim to use the google ecosystem as much as possible and currently the functionality is limited compared to other controllers.


I don’t disagree with you that Homey needs good Google Home support. And good Alexa support.
However, I’m saying that a smart home does not equal voice control. And I think that a lot of people can do without voice support in their smart home. But that’s a whole different discussion that we shouldn’t start here :slight_smile:

I do like to say that, even though Apple Home Kit is not as good as it could be, if you combine it with Homey and the power of Siri, you don’t need Google Home at all. I like it very much.


Also, wouldn’t Google’s newly updated Home app contain devices connected to Homey? As it is now, I have only my chromecasts. My devices, bulbs and stuff are not visible. That is quite of a dealbreaker, even for me


Hi All,

I got four new fibaro smoke detectors. Now if they would ever detect smoke/fire (hope not) I would want Homey to speak "Fire detected at " to all of the google home devices (they are chromecast devices).

Would something like this be possible and if so…, how?

Best regards,



@Cuflee Yes, this is certainly possible - and I must say works very well. I have done something similar for my alarm system I created using the Heimdall Homey App (which is fantastic by the way, thanks @Tony_Burn for putting me onto this App)… I play an alarm sound on my Google Max speaker when the alarm is triggered.

What you will need…

First, you will need to add your Google Home Speaker as a Chromecast device to Homey (see Chromecast App page for instructions).

Now, link your Google Play Music account (see the Google Play Music App page for instructions).

Finally, we simply create a Flow that triggers a “song” to play on your Google Home device when the Fibaro Smoke Detector is triggered…

(Note: I am using my Nest Protect as the trigger in the Flow above, replace this with your Fibaro Smoke Sensor).

The Flow…

The When column is self explanatory - this is our Trigger (e.g. smoke sensor)

The Then column has 3 Cards

  1. Drag Speaker from the left and set the Card to Set Active Speaker (make sure to choose your desired Google Home speaker from the list)
  2. Drag Speaker from the left and set the Card to Set Master Volume (we want this alert to be loud!)
  3. Drag Music from the left and set the Card to Play now (this is the “song” we want to play - more on this below)

The alert (siren) “Song”…

Log into Google Play Music and search for Alarm sounds (or similar), choose the appropriate alarm “song” you would like to play and copy the title to your clipboard. We can then paste this into the Play now Card above.

That should do it. Now when your Fibaro Smoke Sensor is triggered, your Google Home will play an alert - I have mine casting to a Google Max - and there is a good chance I will be sued for eardrum damage from a would-be intruder - it is very loud!

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Howto play spotify to chromecast audio

@Smarthome, thank you for your detailed explanation! I thought Homey would abandon the music section, but indeed see that it still exists. I have Spotify at the moment instead of Google Home Music so based on your information I will try to see if I can get that to work as well. This seems very promising, thanks!


@Cuflee I don’t think Homey Music is “dead” - I think it is “evolving” :slight_smile: https://blog.athom.com/take-speech-music/