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I’ve just factory reset a lot of my devices, including my Google Home. A lot of things has changed lately regarding support for languages etc. and I wanted to start from scratch.
I thought Homey had support for Google Home, but I cannot figure out how to set it up.
Same goes for Neato or Logitech Harmony for that matter, which is only available through Homey, but not with Google Home

Please reopen this thread. This has not been resolved, and I cannot find any relevant posts on the forum that solves this!


Just bought two google home mini’s to give it another try after a year or so as it seems the development on google is much faster then Alexa, however…

I’m shocked to see that it seems that i still need to do the dumb ‘hey google, tell homey to x’ thing… is that still not made better? any news on this?


We are planning to change this in the future. Right now there is an issue at the side of Google which is causing some issues with setting up the connection between Homey and Google Home. Once this is resolved we can finally update the integration. I cannot give you an exact date on when this will happen, but it is on our priority list


This is the only reason why i can’t recommend Homey to friends. They all find this part siĺly.

Sure you can use routines but it’s so slow and complicated


This would be really good to get high up the priority, untill then I will just stay with Alexa.
Is there any rough timeline? like next 3-6-9 months?


First the new mobile app + firmware version 2.0 need to be released. After that we have more time for other high priority issues


thanks bram, not to be ungrateful, but i have NO idea what kinda timeline that would be then :wink:
but i think i will just check in every month or so…


Once we can announce some “real” information about this integration we will do so via our newsletter or via our blog:)


bought a google home and no response from homey when sending the command.


@Bram is this going to be a full Integration like its already possible with google and e.g. fibaro? So you connect homey through the google home App (smarthome settings) and you get access to all linked devices via google home? So that they can be sorted into rooms e.g. ?


Just got conformation from the developer that it will be possible to “see” the devices that you have connected to Homey in the Google Home app.


Great, that should eliminate the “ask homey” part and makes it much more intuitive.


For those that cannot wait and would like “native” integration with Google Assistant (Home) now, I have a solution I would like to share… Please see https://www.skaro.com.au/ (be warned, it does cost money).

Now before everyone shouts me down with… “Why should we have to pay more money to get another device just to gain Google Home support” etc - please understand I am in no way suggesting that you do… I am simply offering a solution for those who do no wish to wait. Take it or leave it :slight_smile:


Nice solution!


I know this has been up so many times but there i still no solution!
I just want to link my homey to my Google Home system and Google Assistant. I have tried downloading Google Assistant from a US account, changing languages to English and so on. Tried combos, uninstalling, removing, resetting, different devices but it always fails. I even had it working for a short while like a year ago and then something changes and back to not working. I cant understand how this can be so complicated and also how Homey can say it supports Google home when it seems lik just a fuzz. The latest now is that on Google Assistant it understand that it should link however upon trying it just show an empty screen and pressing the dots it just shows a white page. You can see the screen shots


Does somebody has this working? Is there a real guide to get this working that you can follow or something like this?


I found this link:
Which lets me unlink and redo the linking. Looks better now. Will try at home. I guess i succeeded to connect everything at bad time in homeys history :slight_smile:


Question has another thread, found here Talking to homey from google home

I linked my Homey to Google Home, but when I say ‘Ok Google, ask Homey the time’ I get the answer: “I didn’t find Homeys that can be used with Google Assistent. Please make sure Homey’s language is set to English.”
All is set in English!!!




Anyone know when can google can fix the english bugs ? And does anyone know what happened? By the way just to share all my friend using homey and google are still fine now. Just for those who recently reset or newly setup got this set to english issues… i had try asking homey but they said is google problem…


Hi guys,

I’m trying to link my Homey to google. I have set Homey to english. But when I ask google assistant; let me talk to homey, it’s asking to link my homey, but when I press yes, I get this message: "Sorry, something went wrong, So I couldn’t sign you in. But you can try again later.

Any idea?

This is happening for weeks now…