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yeah it will work the way it works with Alexa where all devices shown


does this work with spotify?


perhaps already shared by someone but i have homey talk to google home … he ask… hey google… tell me a joke for instance… or… how are you… and then google home will respond… pretty funny… my homey and google home are close to eachother… it only worked after i trained homey using the ok google routine on my phone in the google app… with that i mean… i had homey say… okay google a couple of times to my phone to make sure google home understands homey… so when using spotify homey can tell google home to play a song or whatever… perhaps nice to try therefore i post this…


Hi pals!

I’m about to buy a Homey device, but I use Google Home a lot. I’ve been reading this topic, but I can’t find answers to these questions:

  • Can we get Xiaomi sensors values asking Google Home? With Home Assistant (my current system), I can ask “Hey Google, what’s the living room temperature?”, and Google Home queries Home Assistant, where Xiaomi reports sensor values.

  • Can GH toggle on/off all Xiaomi devices connected to Homey? I’m using lights, power sockets, Air Purifier, WiFi camera and the vacuum cleaner. I see some of them are supported with the Xiaomi app, so I guess I could control them over Google Home, right?

  • Can GH control IR devices through Homey? Like “Hey Google, turn on TV”, and Homey will send the IR command to turn on my TV.



I get the same unfortunately. Tried unlink/link and making sure all is set to English.


Any chance homey in Dutch will communicate with Google home or google assistant in the near future? As google home mini is also released in the Netherlands now and google assistant also speaks Dutch?

for now I get the answer: “I didn’t find Homeys that can be used with google Assistant. Please make sure your Homey’s language is set to English.”


Does it work for u already when u set to English? Did u recently set up ? Coz since 3week ago new homey setup are facing the English bugs from Google…

Mean we already set everything to English but google keep saying must set to English…


I did not set Homey to English yet. Not sure if I want to. That’s why I asked about the dutch support. So unfortunately no answer on your question from me (yet).

I did connect google assistant to homey this morning on my android phone, the linking went fine. But now my homey needs to be set to English


Anyone tested the Google home in Dutch yet? It’s officially avialable inow in NL.


the command to link with homey results in a: I don’t know how to do that

of course all in dutch (google home & homey)



I had a working link to the Google assistant, but with the recent updates of Google Home it stopped working. Unlinking and linking doesn’t help. The message is either:

“I didn’t find Homeys that can be used with Google Assistant. Please make sure your Homey’s language is set to English”. or “Homey is not responding right now”.

I’ve obviously verified my homey is set to English.

I also had to remove homey’s from other people’s houses (which I could not even do myself, really??), as it doesn’t let me pick which Homey should be used when trying to link.


So, If I understood clearly… we just use Google Home through Homey using the “Ok, Google. Ask Homey…”

There’s not direct way to control Homey device through GH? Thanks


Another vote here for native integration into Google home, instead of the “skill” that’s used now.

Or maybe someone can build something like https://www.controlicz.com/
It exposes all your Domoticz devices as native home automation items to Google Home, works perfectly


Nice concept that Controlicz.
I thought Athom would have build exactly that for Homey when they announced they would discontinue there ‘own’ voice control. But no. I did understand it though that they discontinued it, times are changing fast in technology. (but then you have to catch up in other ways)

Has anyone experience with the combo Smartthings and google home?
I know, it’s a different beast, but maybe closest in concept to Homey.


That’s what Home Assistant also does. I can’t believe Homey is not able to accomplish that :frowning: I won’t buy it until this feature it’s fully supported.



For the time being you can accomplish this by creating shortcuts in your home app. For instance: create a shortcut named “lights on” with the underlying commando “tell homey to switch on all lights in the living room”. That way you only have to say “ok google, lights on”.


That’s a good workaround. But then you’re stuck with English, right? Not my case. We speak Spanish at home.

Also, with this integration, can you get something like “tell Homey what’s the living room temperature”?



Can I have my trådfri devices connected to Google Home (via trådfri bridge) and at the same time control the lights via flows in homey?


No, your shortcut can be in the native language of your google home, in your case spanish. The language of the commando must be in the language of your Homey. And of course your homey must have a corresponding named device or flow.


Anybody tried this solution with success?