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Really? If so, then we don’t really have a problem, do we? What features are we missing with the “non-native” connection to GH? Thanks!


Well, it is a bit of a burden to make (and maintain) a shortcut for every device and/or flow you have, specially if you have many. But for the time being, you could do this with the most used devices/flows.

Oh, and if you use the Home with personal results for different people, everybody has to do this in his/her assistent/home app…


Thanks. As you said, not perfect, but good enough. Anyway, let’s hope Homey becomes fully compatible soon.


Also would like to know. I bought the GH for Dutch so its easier for my wifi. I also have alexa which works very nice, was hoping for a similair situation with the GH.


no it’s not good enough.

try creating shortcut for every action you going to have hundreds.

Also using shortcuts is much slower than native support. 3 to 5s

also it wont appear in Google home properly. This is bad particularly now there are Google displays.

I thought like you too when I bought homey thinking shortcuts would fix it. I regretted


Alexa is much nicer.

you open your Alexa app and it’s all there.


Somehow I dont have the shorcut option so that is not even an option for me. I guess i have to wait until Athom fixes integration like alexa which i think will be a mather of time.


I use IFTTT and works good.

I add the assistant and Homey to IFTTT (My Google home and Homey are in Dutch)
made a applet whit the assistant on IFTTT: Living room light on and add a flow in homey light on, now i can ask in English turn on living room light and light is going on even if the home is on dutch.

Only one thing to w8 for… Dutch assistant support for google assistant on IFTTT
Supported: English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish atm


I have added Dutch language to my Home since a week and this morning i removed it again. Alas, two languages together doesn’t work very well. I use mostly English and since adding Dutch my Home frequently answers in Dutch that she doesn’t understand what i want. It seems to not understand/sense that i am talking English. Also, the Dutch language doesn’t support all possible commands yet, which is very annoying. So, until the Dutch language supports ALL commands that i can use in English, i will not use it.


Just bought a Homey and a Google Home Mini.
I am able to link the GHM with the Homey however when saying something like ‘Ok Google, ask Homey to turn on kitchen lights’ GHM reply’s: 'I didn’t find Homeys that can be used with Google Assistant. Please make sure your Homey’s language is set to English”.

Please share when this functionality will be added or make it a high prio. Many users want this as a functionality.


Yes - With the full integration planned in the future that will be possible.


I’ve had similar issues with Harmony. My Google Home is now set to Norwegian (oct 24th), it was re-linked to Harmony to support direct commands. Afterwards I changed my Harmony language to Norwegian as well, but this broke support.
Tried relinking Harmony, but wasn’t able because Harmony wasn’t in a supported language.

You could try switch to a different language and back again.


Finally I can use my homey with Google home using English… but u have to pass by with ifttt … the speed is slower …



… Last but not least: we’ve created Dutch support for Google Home, and Google Assistant Smart Home support, which allows you to control most of your devices without saying Hey Google, ask Homey to . They’re both under review at Google and when all goes well, will be released next week.


They could be onto something!


Why is this language specific?
My xioami vacuum, which isn’t even sold in europe, is working out of the box with the recently released danish update to google assistant.
I’ll just ask it to vacuum, in danish, and it does exactly that.

Can’t Athom just bind bulbs, plugs, etc. to light-devices like Hue and Ikea does?


Exactly that they just did.
See last post “Behind the Magic” on their blog


Google Home recently got updated with Dutch language and with this update it supports the Dutch language. So with the upcoming update from Athom hopefully the bug (in Dutch language) “I didn’t find Homeys that can be used with Google Assistant. Please make sure your Homey’s language is set to English” will be gone.

Fingers crossed :neutral_face:


Are you sure?
Dutch is supported now. No mention of ‘all languages’ - but I hope you are right :slight_smile:


this is going to be game changer. not having to say " tell homey". Add this and backup and it’s a complete product I can recommend