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All languages that supported by Assistant, I think. English/Dutch is necessary if you go “hey google, tell Homey to”. If Assistant supports controlling devices, for example, in Chinese, it would work with new “direct” integration.

Correct me if I’m wrong


I hope so. That would be awesome! Could somebody confirm?


Great news… Harmony did the same, change to native extension… So much easier and more versatile to work with

Shortcuts suck, one word wrong and you’re f*ccked.
IFTT is OK, but why rely on a 3rd party service?


So, just to be clear: we won’t need to say “Hey Google, ask Homey to…” anymore, right? Thanks!


When I say “Let me talk to Homey” to Home/Assistant, I get the response: “Alright, no problem. Just so you know, that means you won’t be able to use your account with Homey. If you change your mind, you can always come back and sign in then. Bye for now.”
I have no idea what it means or what to do. Anybody?


No you still need that, unfortunately.

Google Home is becoming more and more of a home automation central, devices are shown in the home app and on the new google home hub. Homey really need to step up their game and create a proper integration as most other services already have.

Any official information from homey regarding this?



Ah missed that one, sounds promising!


Ok, thanks for the clarification. I will wait until Homey adds native support.


And Swedish was one of the new languages supported the same time as dutch, hopefully this should make it easier for us too.

As mentioned Harmony changed from the LINK procedure to native support i discovered yesterday myself, i really hope this will make it work.


Hope this gets approved quickly!

Since a couple weeks/months severe issues with alexa & spotify connect (keeps stopping at the end of songs at random) and both spotify support as Amazon support are nice, but useless :slight_smile:

(and before someone says they are great… spotify asked me what kind of SD card i was using in my iphone…)


Well… Why shouldn’t they ask you that if it is a part of their troubleshooting process? Obviously they are not phone experts, so they surely don’t have every spec of every phone in their head…


Wasnt the native support supposed to be out last week? I havent seen anything about it in Google home??


As Emile told " when all goes well"… I’m checking daily for an update on this feature.
Maybe Emile would be so kind to share an update.


Emile is not reading every topic on the forum ofcourse.

Just relax it comes when its finisched




from Emile on github (relating to post above)

An update: The Google Assistant integrations OK Google, ask Homey to... will soon be launched in Dutch as well.
The direct integration with smart devices has been made some time ago, but Google suddenly requires us to ship them two Homeys with accessories, and add functionality (live reporting) completely which is, well, a lot harder. I am not pleased with this development and their lack of honest communication upfront.
I’ll keep you guys posted.

So it is what it is, but again a push backwards in time… o well, lets hope for Q1.


Thx for the update!


super disappointed.

I thought we were seeing light at end of tunnel with the blog post.

But nope , just false hope.


Guys is there a solution or at least known what’s behind the message “I didn’t find Homeys that can be used with Google Assistent. Please make sure Homey’s language is set to English”.

Homey of course is on English, successfully linked but still. I’ve tried usual reset, unlink but still the same error.

So do we know what is the root cause?